How long have you worked at your company for?

This week on Monday 22nd January 2018, Jan Carter, IPS’ Head of Administration Support and Finance, celebrated her 20th Anniversary at IPS International. What an amazing achievement!

When Jan started at the company it was initially a division of an international steel making group and Jan has seen the expansion and growth of IPS International throughout the years, becoming a limited company in 1997 and independent in 2000. Jan talks about the progression and what she enjoys most here at IPS.

“Before joining IPS, I worked for another company preparing the accounts however the management there wasn’t very nice and it wasn’t an enjoyable environment. That’s what I love about IPS, I enjoy coming to work here as it’s a friendly atmosphere and everyone helps one another, we are a team. The management are considerate and treat you like a human being understanding that you have a life outside of work so are very accommodating and flexible when needed. There is so much variety in my role and even though I have been here 20 years I still have new experiences, new enquires and new problems to deal with and learn new skills.”

“My role may still consist of many types of work I have done for the last 20 years but the recent funding changes and legislative requirements have made some aspects of my work very different, we as a company have had to change with the new requirements to the ESFA and Levy Reforms. For example, when I originally started data input we imported Apprentices manually onto a spreadsheet, the paperwork would come to me and I would enter the information. After our first inspection and after trying to dissect reports we decided to buy data software that has led to us keeping data and information more easily.”

When Jan started at IPS, there were only 20 employees at the time and Jan talks about the progression of the company and how she has enjoyed seeing the expansion of the business.

“When I started working for IPS it wasn’t an independent company. I was interviewed in Sheerness to work here in the Rochester centre. Through IPS growth and progression as a business we don’t have to answer to another company, we have a good structured workforce with a Senior Management team as well as Directors, so again we’re more like a team working together. The expansion of the company has been amazing, when I started there were 20 employees, now there is closer to 70. I’ve enjoyed seeing us grow, of course no work comes without stress but the environment and friendless of IPS staff makes it a lovely place to work and I believe the years I have worked here stands as a good testament and recommendation to IPS!”

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