Enrolment Apprenticeship training dates


Congratulations if you have been offered an apprenticeship with one of our employers.


We will send joining instructions to you and your new employer by email. This will have all the information you will need to join our training programme.


Enrolment is from the 28th August 2017 to 1st September. If you have not got your joining instructions by the 24th August 2017 via email, then please check with your employer first. Alternatively call us at IPS International on 01634 298800 and ask for Cheryl.


For apprentices commencing their first year, the first day in the training centre is:


  • 12th September –BTEC Induction
  • 13th September – Workshop Induction


For both enrolment and induction, you will need to sign in at the reception. You will then wait in the coffee room area for future instruction.


For second year apprentices coming back for their second year BTEC on day release, the first day is 4th September 2017. For an 8.15am start.


What to wear?




You can wear casual clothing.


Workshop Induction:

You will need to wear suitable clothing for an engineering environment, shorts and sandals are not allowed. You can wear trainers, but please bring safety boots to wear for practical activity.


What do you need to bring?


First time enrolment:

You will be required to bring the following with you;


• Pen and Notebook

• Form of Identification

• National Insurance Number

• Certificates of GSCE’s or any relevant qualifications.


Workshop Induction:

Please bring a pen and notebook for classroom requirements.


IPS International look forward to seeing you soon, and we wish you all the very best! If you need to find out where we are located, please visit our Contact Us page.