IPS International are delighted to announce that we have retained Matrix accreditation for “Information Advice and Guidance” (IAG).


Matrix is the national accreditation awarded to training providers who can demonstrate that IAG is being provided and well managed. It is a quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services, which supports individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.


The week commencing  the 6th November, IPS were inspected through meetings, interviews, and observations.


  • Twenty-Six members of staff and one Associate were interviewed to establish how the service got delivered.
  • Interviews with fourteen Apprentices and nine Employers by telephone to provide the opportunity to explore how the service had been given.
  • Partner organisations were interviewed by telephone.
  • Evidence was also provided in electronic and hard copy formats.
  • A tour of the Northbank House Training Centre in Rochester was provided so observation of the information published to apprentices in classrooms and workshop could be viewed.


During this inspection, the following strengths of IPS were identified:


  • There is clear leadership and direction from the Directors/Managers at IPS.
  • Managers and Staff spoke about the opportunity to contribute to IPS’s development and how they feel engaged with the vision and direction of the company and how the vision is cascaded to learners.
  • IPS focus and embrace change and aren’t afraid to try new things.
  • The Employers commented on the extra mile that IPS take.
  • The Learners are at the centre of IPS.
  • The Case Studies are a great way to highlight the focus on the learner and to promote their successful journeys.


During their assessment, they noted that the overall impact of the service IPS provides can be summed up in the words of the apprentices who said:


“I know it is a good place to come because I don’t resent coming here when I wake up in the morning.”


“They respect you here. Nothing is sugar coated. They tell it as it is. It certainly helps you make the jump from being a school pupil to becoming an adult.”


Ramsay Cowan, one of IPS’s Director’s said: “we’re really proud to retain this award and it reflects all the good work done by our team here at IPS in terms of providing the best possible advice and guidance to our learners and to the employers we work with.”


For IAG on Apprenticeships call our Apprenticeship Business Development Team on 01634 298808 or email info@ips-international.com or visit our Contact Us page.


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