Did you know Apprenticeships are not just a training option for young people to land their first job? They are a cost-effective training option for all ages and a great way to start a new career regardless of age or circumstance.

Apprenticeships help to improve the quality and range of opportunities available to you, and help you to continue to learn throughout your life.

If you’re over 16, living in England and not in full-time education then you’re eligible to become an apprentice.

How can an Apprenticeship help you?


There is no upper age limit; if you’ve been out of work for a long while and are looking for a way back into full time employment or you are looking for a new career path it can help for all.

Apprenticeships even work for existing employees looking to upskill, meaning business can develop talent within their organisation and address skills gaps.

Apprenticeships offer a great career for anyone, and wherever you are in your career, an apprenticeship could make a big difference.

For older workers looking for a career change or people with disabilities, there are a range of benefits and they’re an excellent opportunity to gain qualifications specific to the industry you want to progress in and earn a wage. Depending on meeting eligibility conditions Apprenticeships are funded by the ESFA (Education Skills Funding Agency) which is part of the Department for Education.

At the same time, you are working on-the-job alongside experienced staff and supported by professionals who visit regularly giving you the chance to study whilst you are gaining practical skills you can use daily. 90% of apprentices will stay in employment after finishing their apprenticeship.

Benefits to Employers:

Baroness Altmann (reference from Telegraph) and ex Minister for Pensions applauds the practice of starting an apprenticeship in later life: “Having a diverse workforce – including an age diverse workforce – enables a business to reflect its customer base; to better understand and better serve its whole range of clients.

Benefits of hiring an apprentice of any age would be the following:

  • Motivate your Workforce -Apprenticeships can help to encourage your workforce to become more
    motivated, skilled and qualified.
  • Develop your future workforce – Apprenticeships give businesses the chance to play an active role in moulding their future workforce and creating the future skills that are needed to help the businesses grow. Apprentices can contribute massively in helping companies achieve long term development and become more competitive.
  • Flexibility for existing employees – Hiring an apprentice can help businesses boost productivity by 30% and by bringing in homegrown talent, companies can help improve their competitiveness.
  • Develop new talent to meet your needs – With the expansion of apprenticeships into a wider range of industries, employers can attract new talent, offer progression and develop their apprentices to a higher standard than ever before.
  • Grow your team while keeping staff costs down – Increase business productivity with an apprentice who you can train in the way your business works. By investing in apprentices’ careers, you increase the chances of upskilling, and more importantly, maintaining highly skilled staff

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