Want to know what updates there are on the Apprenticeship Service? Plus, big update plans for April 2018 on how you may be able to transfer apprenticeship levy funds to another employer through the Apprenticeship Service?

Apprenticeship Service Updates

You may have seen our Apprenticeship Service guide on the website in September? Well now you have registered and signed into your Levy Portal to access the money to pay for your apprenticeship training, here are some of the updates that the ESFA have made to make your journey easier. Improvements are always happening to make sure you are using your levy to its full potential for training your workforce.

Are you?


Recent updates include:

  • Employers being able to view an apprentice’s ULN, (unique learner number), which will help when trying to resolve any queries.
  • A  new task list feature on the account home page so that activities an employer needs to complete will be visible, cohorts, reviewing/approving changes and signing agreements etc.
  • If an Employer has stopped an Apprentice, a stop date will now visible.
  • Amending Apprentice records process has now been improved.
  • If Employers are looking on ‘find apprenticeship training’ they will now be able to see end-point assessment organisiations for an apprenticeship standard so they can get all the information they need to make it easier to contact them.
  • To make it easier to see which part of the service you are in, there is now color-coded screens. Purple for Employer view and orange for Training Provider view.


More advice needed?

If you do, you can contact the National Apprenticeship Service for advice either by telephone or email.

Tel: 0800 015 0600

Email: helpdesk@manage-apprenticeships.service.gov.uk



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