GCSE results are being revealed 22nd August 2019 across England and Wales and as new rules stated in 2015 that 16-year-olds must stay in education until they’re 18, there are many routes to take, either sixth form, higher education or Apprenticeship/


What are your options after GCSE’s?


Apprenticeships combine work with education and allow you to earn while you learn on the job.

At IPS we have a range of Apprenticeships in many sectors, from Business, Engineering, Construction, Motor Vehicle and Health & Social Care, that could kick start your career and hopefully once completed, offer you a full-time job.

An Intermediate Level 2 Apprenticeship is suitable for those who’ve just completed their GCSE’s while an Advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship is equivalent to gaining A-Levels, but please note it will be dependent on the job role that will effect what level Apprenticeship you do and IPS can help guide you and support you in what works best for you.

For a guide on how to become an Apprentice, please click here.



Don’t like the idea of studying but still want qualifications?

BTEC stands for the ‘Business and Technology Education Council’ and at IPS we offer BTEC Engineering courses that are practical courses, rather than theory-led.

The highest Level 3 BTEC available, the Extended Diploma, is the equivalent of three A-levels.



NVQ stands for ‘National Vocational Qualification’ and are courses that include practical work-related tasks, at IPS we offer NVQ’s in Signmaking. Signmaking courses with IPS can help support you to gain a variety of skills in the signmaking process, including graphic design and electrical engineering.

NVQ’s require no specific academic qualification and typically take 6 months to complete at level 2 and around a year for level 3.


Advice and Guidance

For more information or guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Also visit the Princes Trust website where you will find different avenues of guidence that will help give you vital information for your career journey, from how to write a CV and cover letter to preparation for job interview and guidance on what options you have to take.


Want more information on the new GCSE grading system?