The Topic of the month at IPS International this October is Attendance

What is an Attendance?

Employees who show up for work on time and give proper notice of absences or tardiness are practicing good attendance.

Attendance as a work ethic includes sticking to work schedules, being ready to start work on time, remaining on the job during the workday to complete duties and proper planning of annual leave.

Attendance can be quantified and verified, all employers keep employee attendance and leave records and will look at potential patterns.

When employers check references, they may ask about attendance. The most qualified job applicant can lose out because of attendance problems. Poor attendance could say a future employee is insensitive to co-workers, unaccountable for his/her responsibilities and uninterested in company success.


What impact does this have on my workplace?

The absent or tardy worker affects co-workers and clients. Absenteeism creates more work for others or leaves essential work undone. One worker’s absence or habitual lateness in a small business can disrupt production schedules, cause others to reschedule planned leave and reflect poorly on the company if customer service suffers. Poor attendance also creates bad feelings among co-workers who follow the rules and practice good work ethics.


What can people be addicted to?

Addiction is most commonly associated with gambling, drugs, alcohol and nicotine, but it’s possible to be addicted to just about anything.

What should I do if I’m late to work?

Phone into the workplace to explain your lateness, and give a proposed time of arrival. Talk to your employer – if this is going to be a regular problem, for example, due to travel problems, see if you can change the hours you work or look at alternative ways of traveling to work.

If you miss a lot of days at work, look at why this is happening, do you have a health issue that is impacting on your attendance, or is there a problem with your work, do you still enjoy your job/Apprenticeship.

Where to get additional support and advice

If you need any additional help or guidance, please talk to your IPS Safeguarding Officers who can refer you to sources of support.

Recommended websites to visit to find out more information:

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