Construction, Logistics & Manufacturing

IPS offers training for Building Construction/Maintenance roles as well as Manufacturing, Fenestration, Signmaking, Warehousing qualifications…

Construction, Logistics and Manufacturing

IPS offers training for Building Construction/Maintenance roles as well as Manufacturing, Fenestration, Glazing Signmaking, Warehousing qualifications…

Construction Apprenticeships with IPS offer learners a great way to start their career in the construction industry, learning a versatile range of skills in Fenestration, Glazing and with the Multi Trade Apprenticeship, it touches upon carpentry, painting, plumbing, tiling, plastering, roofing, etc.

IPS’s manufacturing courses can also help you build the skills you need to pursue careers in a variety of Signmaking, Warehouse and Logistical roles.

As you gain experience on-the-job you earn a wage at the same time.


We offer Construction, Logistics and Manufacturing qualifications in the following:

Property Maintenance Operative (Level 2 Standard)

Level 2 – Standard – Property Maintenance Operative

The Property Maintenance Operative Standard is designed for learners wishing to gain the skills and knowledge to carry out job roles and responsibilities associated with carrying out general maintenance and the safe and effective management of the building. The primary role is to optimise property condition and quality and to ensure the building is kept in a safe working condition.

This qualification is suited to the following roles:
• Maintenance Assistant • Property Engineer • Facilities Assistant • Maintenance Engineer • Maintenance Manager • Maintenance Technician • Caretaker • Janitor • Multi-Skilled Technician • Premises Manager

View more details on the Level 2 Standard Property Maintenance Operative

Supply Chain Warehouse Operative (Level 2 Standard)

Level 2 – Standard – Supply Chain Warehouse Operative

Warehouse operatives work in a variety of warehouse environments. Work activities include taking deliveries, checking for damaged/missing items, storing goods, moving stock by various methods, picking/packing orders, loading goods for dispatch, maintaining stock records and documentation, and cleaning. Warehouse operatives communicate with a wide range of people and customers and have a passion to meet customers’ expectations by providing a quality of service that encourages repeat business. They are often required to be flexible and work shifts.


View more details on the Level 2 Supply Chain Warehouse Operative Handout

Building Construction Maintenance Operations (Multitrade)


The Level 2 Maintenance Operations Apprenticeship with IPS offers the opportunity to learn a working knowledge of construction trades, helping to prepare them for careers within this industry.

View more details on the Level 2 Building Construction Maintenance Operations Handout



The Intermediate level Apprenticeship supports learners working with glass using a range of processes such as cutting and engraving, as well as the manufacture and installation of windows and doors.

View more details on the Level 2 Fenestration Installation Handout



The Level 2 Glazing Apprenticeship aimed at those who work as glaziers, installing glass into frames (e.g., windows, doors), and those who work to maintain glazing installations (usually windows and doors). The Apprenticeship covers the most critical aspects of the job.

View more details on the Level 2 Glazing Handout



Signmaking courses with IPS support learning a variety of skills in the signmaking process, including graphic design and electrical engineering. Learners will work with a variety of materials including vinyl, plastic, metal, glass and perspex. As well as preparation of signage, learners will also learn about the best practice of sign installation.

View more details on the Level 2 Signmaking Handout


The advanced Signmaking Apprenticeship with IPS will help learners progress with their skills and knowledge working in the signmaking industry. This course builds upon the intermediate qualification, covering the monitoring and maintaining health and safety; creating, developing and maintaining effective working relationships; and receiving, interpreting and confirming instructions.

View more details on the Level 3 Signmaking Handout

Logistics Operations


The Logistics Operations Apprenticeship with IPS helps learners gain the skills and knowledge to effectively work with the movement, storage, handling and dispatch of goods in a warehousing and logistics workplace. Learners will gain experience in general warehouse operational activities, overseeing customer orders and their distribution, delegating responsibility and working to ensure tasks are completed on time. This qualification will help learners to be qualified as distribution managers or team leaders.

Functional Skills

Functional Skills are commonly needed for success in range of activities, whether in education, training, work or life in general.

The three primary functional skills units are:

  • English
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics

These units will require an external assessment test and must be successfully completed along with the Diploma.

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