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I did not do that well with my GCSEs - can I still do an Apprenticeship?

Employers will expect different preexisting qualifications from their Apprenticeships, with many employers expecting five 9 to 4
(A* to C) grades, including Maths and English. If your grades fall short, you may still find the Apprenticeship you are looking for, with opportunities to take basic numeracy and writing tests to prove your ability.

Would I get paid more throughout my career if I did a degree?

Research has shown that individuals that begin their career with an Apprenticeship will go on to earn more money over the course of their career on average. The figures take into account the level of student debt that graduates will accumulate which Apprentices are able to avoid.

Apprentices are paid a very low wage - is this correct?

The Apprentice minimum wage is now £4.30 per hour. Many employers will offer a higher wage than this however, and will also offer incremental pay increases depending on performance. The wage is also available to Apprentices at an age where many of their peers will be at college or university not earning money at all.

Will my Apprenticeship improve my employability?

Apprentices are a highly valued pathway that proves an individual’s ability to work effectively in a practical environment, as well as meet the standards that their qualification tests them against. In many industries, employers value experience as a main priority when looking to recruit a new member of staff so having the extra on-the-job experience that an Apprentice provides can prove highly beneficial.

How long does an Apprenticeship take to complete?

The length of an Apprenticeship will differ depending on the nature of the qualification. Our courses range from 13 to 36 months. Information about the duration of each of our qualification is available on the respective subject area pages.

I am over 18 years old - am I too old for an Apprenticeship?

Apprentices can be ALL ages 16+.

The employer’s funding for your Apprenticeship training will differ depending on your previous qualifications, so be sure to explain any previous awards you possess to your prospective employer.

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