As you know, during this difficult time with the Coronavirus outbreak, we have had to adapt our learning techniques and have been implementing remote learning and visits using telecommunication applications with our Apprentices. Click here to see how this has been going.

As well as this, we have also started operating virtual lessons this week with our Engineering Tutors for the BTEC Engineering Apprentices who would otherwise be in the IPS Engineering Workshop. This is so they can still complete their assignments and record their learning time, and have no delays to their completion date for their Apprenticeship.

Tutors have been using Moodle to upload presentations, with voice overs to offer explanations of what is being covered. Within the chat function of Moodle, like instant message, learners can talk to their Tutor when it’s their ‘usual’ lesson times and notify them when they have downloaded the presentations and understood the content or if they need more clarification. The Tutors are also able to check the login records and make sure Apprentices are accessing the software and course materials for the units they are working on, enabling them to continue their work.

Read some feedback below from a selection of Apprentices plus a Trainer to find out first-hand how they are finding the virtual learning experience…


BTEC Apprentice’s Feedback



“On Monday 30th March, we completed our first virtual learning session and despite all the issues with the current climate around Covid-19, our tutors uploaded presentations with voiceovers and educational documents that allowed us to continue our courses. The other learners and I found the programme very useful and Tutors were easily available for us to contact, just like they would be during a normal day at college.

I want to say a special thankyou to James McCartney, as he has gone the extra mile to ensure we still achieve the best results possible. I am grateful for IPS adapting quickly to the current environment, so I am able to still achieve the level of education and results that I want to further my career.”
Carly Ryan –  Aeromet International Apprentice


“I think our first online learning session went well and I managed to finish a brief of Tony’s and Breeshea’ s assignments today and finished the drawing to Andy’s assignment. I think the slide show Breeshea did was helpful in completing my assignment.”
Megan King – Southeastern Apprentice


“I thought it went well considering the circumstances; I’ve managed to use the resources available on Moodle to understand what needs to be done with the electrical and mechanical assignments, as well as accessing the Automation Studios software.”
Dan Wellard – Southeastern Apprentice


“I found my first online lesson to have gone well despite the circumstances; I especially found the PowerPoints with audio to be helpful and being able to access Automation Studios.”
Simrat Talwar – Southeastern Apprentice


“Yesterday (30th March 2020) was my first official day of BTEC online learning from home, due to the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

Initially, I thought it was a little confusing because of what had been said to us prior to Monday, I felt like there were mixed messages as to what we were meant to be doing. I was also apprehensive as to how well the remote access to the IPS computer system was going to be, especially with multiple people using the platform at once.

Considering that we only have 3 hours of remote access to make it fair to all learners across the day, I decided to change my BTEC day up slightly, by using my remote access time to access programmes on the IPS computers that I cannot normally access from home.

However, I was logged onto Moodle all day yesterday while working on my computer on various assignments. It is very important for learners to ensure they are logged on to Moodle at what would be the start time of each lesson on a normal BTEC day and access the relevant unit of the class you would usually be in at that time. This is to ensure the IPS staff can register you, but also to prove that you have had adequate learning time in that unit to go towards our final certificate. Without this proof we will be unable to complete the course on time, which could affect our whole Apprenticeship.

Some of the teachers used their usual power point presentations but added in audio/video, which I thought was good; it felt like we were kind of having a normal lesson still with them, but from the comfort of my own home.

All in all, considering the circumstances and the fact this is new to all of us, I felt like it went as well as could be expected and in times like this we all need to pull together to help one another out as much as we can. I appreciate everything that the staff are doing at IPS to make this happen for all of us BTEC students and the effort they are putting in, to try and ensure our programme continues to run.”
Christopher Ray – Southeastern Apprentice


BTEC Trainer’s Feedback

“I am very lucky to have a spare room which was my crafting room.  It was simple to get it set up as a full time office. I have added a whiteboard to the wall which has enabled me to complete 1 to 1 sessions for learners. The learners have adapted well to the new format and are enjoying the video lectures I have been producing with the help of my dog. She is loving the fact that I am working from home. The new virtual lessons, on Moodle, have allowed a seamless transition to an online environment and will ensure our learners will complete with the grades they wish to achieve.”

– Breeshea Robinson Engineering Technical Certificate Trainer -BTEC Team

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