News about the Coronavirus can be taking its toll on people’s mental health with the uncertainty of what is happening and it’s important that as well as monitoring our physical health we also consider our health mentally.

Here are a few recommendations from the World Health Organization on how we can protect our mental health in these times.

  • Avoid constantly watching, reading the news which can lead to distress and limit your news intake. Social media is great for staying in touch with friends/family but please be aware that there is a lot of misinformation being spread, so please use only reputable sources such as the UK Government and NHS websites.
  •  If people around you are talking about the but this is causing you stress, remove yourself from the conversation or ask for the subject to be changed. It is natural for people to want to discuss this issue, but it is important to ensure that we are not inducing more anxiety.
  • Wash your hands regularly and maintain good hygiene, but not to excess.
  • Stay connected with people, particularly if you go into self-isolation. It is important to maintain contact with friends/family which can be done through social media, calls or email. We don’t want isolation leading to loneliness.
  • Listen to yourself. If you are worried, stressed or feeling anxious know that this is a normal reaction to the situation but understand there are ways that help ease this. Talking is important and remember there are helplines out there for support.
  • Create a plan or a to-do list, this is something that can keep you busy, whilst being productive.
  • Exercising – releases all those important endorphins which boosts our mood and gets rid of the feelings of anxiety. You dont even need any equipment and there is alot of online free workouts to follow if you want some ideas.
  • And breath….


  • You can talk to for advice, guidance and support:

– IPS International Trainers/staff

– Remploy
Tel: 0300 456 8210

– No Panic
Tel: 0844 967 4848 (Mon to Fri, 10.00 to 22.00)

– Visit the Mind website for more information.

– Visit the GOV website for parents and carers to get guidances on helping young people’s mental health during this time.


As well as this, please visit the GOV website and the World Health Organization to keep up with guidance on what you need to be doing.

Our team is on hand for guidance and support...