Are you due to visit us at one of our Training Centres but are worried about your safety during these COVID times? Our Training Centres are open and we have taken the preventative measures to make sure everyone’s health and safety is protected when visiting, we are COVID SECURE. To see what actions have taken place please click here to read our IPS COVID SECURE article, where you will also find our COVID SECURE Training Booklet.

Due to the current circumstances we have also been operating our training services in more flexible, different ways and have incorporated an increase of remote learning with remote visits and classes within our Apprenticeship Training, some skills development and Apprenticeship programmes hands on training practices within our Workshop.

Check out some feedback from IPS Apprentices who have recently experienced the learning experience in a COVID SECURE Centre.


Apprentice Feedback


“On the 22nd of July 2020, I attended IPS International’s Training Centre in Rochester to be given training on Tiling from my IPS Trainers, Bev and Graham. While being there, I found everything at IPS to be safe and felt that a safe distance was given to allow me to train.”
Jake Kyprianou a Property Maintenance Apprentice from employer Reynolds Catering.


“It’s good here…I was nervous about coming to the centre at first, but there are so many COVID security and safety measures in place that I feel good.”
Lewis King a Year 1 Level 3 Engineering Apprentice from employer DS Smith, currently on Bench PEO unit.


“You can tell that a lot of effort has gone into the safety measures put in place. Everything is covered, I feel safe and comfortable learning here.”
Michael Middleton a Year 1 Level 3 Engineering Apprentice from employer Cogent Skills, currently on Electronics PEO unit.


“Everything at IPS has been well organised and well structured. Working within our ‘bubbles’ means that no-one is mixing unnecessarily and it’s working really well.”
Cameron Bonnar a Year 1 Engineering Apprentice from The Fresh Produce Centre.

“I love my training at IPS, I am impressed by the speed and organisational efforts of the staff to bring about distance learning to keep our training uninterrupted.”
Phillip Andrew a Year 2 Level 3 Engineering Maintenance Apprentice from employer CPI Books Ltd.


“All of the measures in place achieve the government guidelines…I feel safe training here.”
Elliott Shawyer a Year 2 Engineering Maintenance Apprentice from employer CPI Books Ltd.


“It’s clear that decisions have been made to keep us safe while we train without impeding our learning.”
Alfie Savage a Year 2 Engineering Apprentice from employer ADM.


“Given the current circumstances, the teaching and training is still of a very high standard.”
John Lewis a Year 2 Engineering Apprentice from MKE.


To find out how remote learning is going in these times click here.



Any queries or questions about training please contact us.