The Topic of the month at IPS International this April is Homelessness.

Why do people become homeless?

Anyone and everyone can become homeless; there could be many factors for someone to be homeless, such as: mental illness, physical illness, drug use or unemployment, to name a few.

Those effected may have more difficult family backgrounds than most, which may lie at the root of many of these problems. Rough sleepers have often found it challenging to sustain close ties with others and the break-up of a relationship is the most common trigger for ending up on the street. However, this list is not exhaustive, and all situations may differ.

Do all homeless people sleep rough?

No, some homeless people will sofa surf, stay with relatives or friends, stay in temporary accommodation or ‘squat’.

Do you think someone you work with is homeless, what can you do?

  • You can refer them to a local charity or the local authority (see web links below)
  • Rather than giving a rough sleeper money, which they may not use wisely, consider buying them food or a hot drink
  • Do not ridicule a homeless person, they may be in desperate need of help

If you spot a rough sleeper, contact Streetlink and they will send help.

Or want to help someone with housing and sheltering?

Visit these other great sites for help:


How do British Values impact on homelessness?

British Values are about mutual respect and tolerance, so for example, if you see a homelessness person in the street, don’t mock or ridicule them, you don’t necessarily have to give them money, but rather contact a local homeless charity and inform them the person exists so they can offer the appropriate help.


Where to get additional support and advice:

If you need any additional help or guidance, please talk to your IPS Safeguarding Officers, who can refer you to sources of support.

IPS Safeguarding Officers, Mary and Laura, on 07900265335.

Need more advice and guidance on this topic? Contact us today.