We have a duty to reduce workplace risk to the lowest reasonably practicable level by taking preventative measures to make sure everyone’s health and safety is protected at our Training Centres. When you arrive at Northbank House, you will find a government certificate in the reception area that confirms we have complied with guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

IPS have made plans to be “Covid-Secure”, the new term to ensure workplaces are compliant with Social Distance guidelines.


Social Distancing:

Corridors, walkways and stairs have signs for One-Way or Give Way or Priority flow. Signage around the building to make people aware of no loitering in walkways, no unauthorized person beyond points and temporary traffic signage. Floor tape installed throughout and different entry points.



All visitors including staff are to check their temperature with the self-check infrared temperature sensors at entry points. We are now also displaying the Test and Trace QR code at both our premises, Dover and Northbank House.  The QR Code allows people who have the Test and Trace App to “check in” at the premises and if there is an outbreak associated with any of our venues they will receive the appropriate public health advice.  It helps the Test and Trace people to identify and notify people who may have had exposure to the virus and break the chain of onwards transmission.  It also means that we will be notified as well.



Everyone will be 2 metres apart and classrooms/leisure areas have been laid out in this way, tables have safe zone stickers showing where learners can sit and areas where they cannot to conform with the social distancing measures. If it’s a computer room, the computers have signs saying ‘Computer out of use” to keep the distancing measures. Additionally, you will see red tape around ‘frequently used’ areas, like reception, photocopier and the coffee machine in the coffee room and classrooms to show where Trainers should be to comply with distancing.



Hand sanitizer stations are around the buildings and infrared self-check temperature sensors at the reception and side entrance to the workshop to be used by all staff and learners on arrival.


Face coverings

From Monday 14th September 2020, it will be mandatory to wear a face covering, either a mask or a face shield, when moving around inside NBH for all staff and learners. To keep Covid Secure remember – “WASH HANDS, COVER FACE, MAKE SPACE”.



We’re also planning future training delivery to include more online learning with remote training delivery and staff to rota working from home, the aim to not have too many people in the buildings at any one time.

Check out our COVID-SECURE at IPS booklet, for more indepth information on how we are Covid Secure.




Click here for more in- depth information are doing at our Training Centres to keep everyone safe.