Matrix accreditation for “Information Advice and Guidance” (IAG) has been retained by IPS International in 2020 from our last inspection in 2017…

Matrix is the national accreditation awarded to training providers who can demonstrate that IAG is being provided and well managed. It is a quality standard for organisations to assess and measure their advice and support services which support individuals in their choice of career, learning, work and life goals.


On the week commencing the 14th December 2020,  IPS were inspected through virtual interviews with staff and Apprentices and observations took place.


During this inspection, the following strengths were identified:


  • There is clear leadership and direction from the Directors/Managers at IPS
  • Managers and Staff spoke about the opportunity to contribute to IPS’s development and how they feel engaged with the vision and direction of the company and how the vision is cascaded to learners
  • IPS focus and embrace change, aren’t afraid to try new things  – something that was a key feature before COVID-19 but has really shined through with the move to remote learning during these times and keeping learning in place throughout Lockdown
  • All Staff and Apprentices are proud of the ‘can do’ mentality at IPS and share a vision
  • All Staff and Apprentices feel IPS values reflect in the support provided to them
  • IPS is about Apprenticeships and about the development of all people including its staff and this has not been detracted from during Lockdown
  • The use of Webinars and remote learning, how knowledge gained has been shared with IPS Sub-Contractors
  • The Case Studies are a great way to highlight the focus on the learner and to promote their successful journeys


The overall impact of the service IPS provides can be summed up in the words of the Apprentices who were interviewed:

 “Would definitely recommend IPS – they are much better than other organisations that I have experienced and are much more supportive. Where I was before there were too many students who did not want to learn, or work and they seemed to have most say!”

“They are so supportive and helpful. I really thought that my studies would grind to a halt with this pandemic, but they just seemed to change gear so that we can be supported.”

“My Assessor has been brilliant through Lockdown. When I was finding it tough, they rang me sometimes two or three times a week it seems, and it kept me going.  I cannot thank them enough!” 



For IAG on Apprenticeships call our Apprenticeship Business Development Team on 01634 298808 or email or visit our Contact Us page.


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