We will be operating in a different way for the time being with remote learning and remote monitoring with Apprentices.

Worried about how this will work? Check out some feedback from IPS Apprentices who have recently experienced remote learning and also from employers perspectives


 Apprentice Feedback


“The Apprenticeship went very well for me, we pushed on using Microsoft Team meetings and email updates and I’m so glad that our present situation with COVID-19 has not stopped my training. I have managed to complete my Apprenticeship in lockdown, which is fantastic.”
Lisa Bravery a Health and Social Care Apprentice from employer Avante Care, Puddingstone Grange of her remote learning and completion her Level 5 Leadership and Management Apprenticeship during lockdown.

“For my last review I had a meeting with my trainer over Skype. It was easy as my Trainer sent me an email with a link to a Skype Meeting. I followed the instructions and was connected to the call. It only took a couple of minutes to set up, and we had our meeting as normal. I would suggest making sure you have a webcam as it makes the meeting feel a lot more personal.”
Kieran White an IT Apprentice from employer BCTec of his recent Skype remote meeting with his Business Skills Trainer.


“I thought the video meeting worked really well and would be great to do again!”
Business Administration Apprentice from employer Talk Media Sales Ltd of her recent Zoom remote meeting with her Business Skills Trainer.


“I found Zoom very friendly software to use. It was just like I was seeing my Trainer face to face. The software felt just like Facetime and Skype, all I had to do was get a code from my Trainer and use that.”
Hannah Lisney an Business Administration Apprentice from employer Otford Medical Practice of her recent Zoom remote meeting with her Business Skills Trainer.

 Employer Feedback


“Cameron has been a massive asset to us over the last week with getting 20 of our staff working from home and then supporting them remotely with setup/teething issues. Most of the setup has had to be done quickly as people have had to self-isolate, childcare & where we have been able to setup so they can work from home. He hasn’t got flustered and has just got on with it. I have had some really positive comments from the staff who he has been working with. He is now keeping in touch with the remote users and monitoring how the remote working is all going.”
Darren Appleton, Monarch Chemicals on his Apprentice Cameron Flaherty supporting business operations during current circumstances.

“Our Apprentices have proved to be a significant asset to us during the COVID-19 lockdown. The way that they have adapted to working from home while maintaining their productiveness has been nothing short of impressive. They’re a hard-working bunch and have been playing a crucial role in helping us as a company to continue to provide our usual standard of service during these crazy times. Thank you to the team at IPS for all the guidance, support and training that they have provided our Apprentices with over the past year and currently.”
Nick Bond Head of Print & Design, Talk Media Sales Ltd on his 2 Apprentice’s adaption to remote working to still support the business.

“Thank you to IPS for quickly reassuring and guiding our carers to new ways of working ensuring that their learning could continue during this period. We and our IPS partners are extremely proud of our learners and their determination to continue with their learning in spite of all the challenges.”
Catherine Thomasson, Learning and Development Manager, Avante Care & Support.

This was the first virtual lesson that we have observed (October 2020) and we were both really impressed with the way the lesson has been adapted to continue to provide excellent teaching and learning during these difficult times.

Hayley Rossiter, Early Careers Coordinator, BAE Systems plc

Share your experiences, let us know what works well, what package was used and what you felt could be improved. We really want to make sure this method works well.

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