Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, schools have effectively ended for many 16-18 years old and grades are now being determined by assessment internally within the school; but how will this affect training provider’s, employer’s and college’s methods on how to choose the best candidate for an opportunity, as employers may not have a lot of confidence in the 2020 grade.

While the ability to influence your final grades in May/June has been removed for you and that’s disappointing, consider that the pressure to perform has gone and you now have time to reflect on what you do next and prepare. This means ‘selling yourself’ through your CV and cover letter has never been more important, as well as practising and developing your interview skills.

What are you doing in Lockdown?

During these difficult times while we are in lockdown, now could be the best time to think about personal development and to upskill yourself.

This is the best time to think about what career route you are going to take. Take some time to think about what you want to do and the sector you want to go into. Conduct research into what opportunities are available to you:

  • Do you want the debt of University and what career opportunities will it give you that other pathways cannot?
  • Could you get an Apprenticeship? Earn and learn, real life work experience, as well as gain a qualification and remember most professions from Lawyers, Accountants to Nurses can be obtained through a degree equivalent Apprenticeship.
  • Would going to college to study a full-time programme help with your learning development?

Research courses and what they offer, consider searching for Apprenticeship vacancies and see what opportunities are out there right now. (Click here for our current live Apprenticeship Vacancies)


What can you do to prepare?

Building your CV will be critical to selling the skills you have developed. For example, a Training Provider or an Employer could now be asking you “what have you done with your time during the Coronavirus Outbreak” and those that can demonstrate doing something productive with their time (online training, making sure their CV is up to date and honing skills, etc) will stand the best chance of securing that position.

Top Tips for giving your CV maximum impact:

  • Tailor your CV and make sure it’s specifically tailored to every job you apply for
  • Keep it concise, ideally no longer than two A4 pages
  • Add a personal statement, a short paragraph that gives an overview of who you are and what you’re about
  • Add your education and qualifications
  • Additionally, you can add key skills and interests
  • Don’t leave gaps in your experience/employment history
  • Spell check, grammar check and make sure there are no errors

More advice and guidance can be found online, visit CV Library or Princes Trust for more tips.


As well as these tips, how about practising your interview skills, research top tips and try interview role play with your family, to get more confidence in an interview environment.

Click here for our tops tips for Telephone interviews.

Remember, now is the best time to prepare for your career and to take the time to research what will work better for you and failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Would you like more information and advice and guidance on how to prepare?