IPS have made plans to be “Covid-Secure”, the new term to make sure workplaces are compliant with Social Distance guidelines.

The pictures show the measures we are taking and what the classrooms will look like. Everyone will be 2 metres apart and classrooms/leisure areas have been laid out in this way, tables have safe zone stickers showing where learners can sit and areas where they cannot to conform with the social distancing measures.

We’re doing more with one-way walkways and corridors, 2 metre space between computer workstation, hand sanitizer stations around the building and infrared self-check temperature sensors at the reception and side entrance to the workshop.

We’re also planning future training delivery to include more online learning with remote training delivery.

Restarting Training at IPS:

We are looking to restart training around the end of June at IPS Northbank House but with new measures being put in place.


Engineering Training:
Apprentice’s will have one-way entry through a side door to the IPS Workshop and will also have a one-way exit out of the workshop using the side door to the far left of the building.

There will be staggered start and end times as well as staggered breaks and lunches. All Apprentices will need to bring their own PPE and have their own toolboxes/tools to hand. Tools that will have to be shared will have to be cleaned between uses and so IPS have put antibacterial wipes nearby to do this. There are also hand sanitizer stations set up within the workshop and around Northbank House. Apprentice’s will only be allowed in the building in the time periods they have been given.

Apprentices will receive information in advance of the measures in place and the rules they will have to follow.


Technical Course Training:
On the day of the course, course cohorts will be collected from the reception area, once they have sanitised their hands and informed the front office they are here to be signed in and taken to their training room. If other courses are on at the same time, start times will be staggered as well as breaks and lunchtimes. Lunch will no longer be provided; we will advise on local food places to IPS or you can bring your own lunch but please remember to bring your own cutlery as the kitchen will now be staff only and a max of two people at a time.

All necessary information and guidance will be provided when booking a course.


Update 13th July 2020

From 13 July 19+, Apprentices can be welcomed back into educational settings.



Check out our COVID-SECURE at IPS booklet, letting you know what we are doing at our Training Centres to keep everyone safe.



Also click here to visit the ESFA COVID-19 Guidance for Apprentices and Employers.