Name: Aaron Dewhurst
Company: The Glass Wipe Board Company
Aaron CEO The glass wipe board company

Aaron Dewhurst (Right) is the CEO of The Glass Wipe board Company who manufacture and sell glass wipe boards, to a variety of education and business industries working with notably high end clients such as Amazon and Google on the books. The company was established 2010, manufacturing glass; coloured, magnetic and branded products at their head office in Lympne. IPS have recently been delivering apprenticeship training for The Glass Wipe Board Company in up-skilling a current employee Will (Left) with a Level 2 Warehousing Operations apprenticeship.

Aaron says “We were recently contacted by IPS and asked if we had considered using apprenticeships to upskill and recruit new staff. We had used training providers in the past but didn’t have the best of experience so this couldn’t have come at a better time for us.  We were pleased IPS contacted us and provided information that we needed without any delay. Which in this case was timely as we got to see what a different training provider could offer?

Our business is growing year after year, and we’re keen to bring apprentices in to the company to bring people up through the ranks. The key factors we feel from a business perspective apprenticeships bring growth and help retain sustainable staff. Our sector is not a ‘trade’ as such, but you do still need training, and there are still standards and procedures that need to be met as part of our quality and compliance.  It is a challenge to train new staff on the job as established staff are already trained but by having the support of an assessor who focuses on the apprentice with a line manager helps support training elements in depth and is a huge advantage.

Due to our previous disappointing experience of training delivery we have been pleasantly surprised that IPS have been so supportive and Bev Will’s assessor has been flexible and accommodating to our business needs, visiting regularly and if need be rescheduling visits to fit around Will’s work. Will is an established employee and as part of his development we offered him the chance to upskill to gain a qualification which he was pleased to take. Will is doing well on his apprenticeship and listens to instruction, he takes everything on board. We like to see staff make progression within the company and through CIPD and there are lots of opportunities to go further within our business.

Apprentices bring significant value to our company, I feel they bring fresh eyes to the business, and from an employer perspective it shows we are investing in our workforce through training staff to a high standard through apprenticeship qualifications gaining in-depth knowledge of the product and business as we pride ourselves on quality of service

Now, due to the success of Will, we are currently looking to take on two more apprentices in other departments with IPS delivering the apprenticeship training. Going forward when Will completes his apprenticeship in February 2018 and moves on to the next level within the business, we would consider taking on another Warehouse Apprentice.

I would highly recommend IPS to other companies as a training provider, it is an organised provider, communication has been fantastic, we have had regular feedback about Will’s journey which has been brilliant. The support Will has received from the assessor has been of an extremely high standard and flexible which has been a big business advantage. We look forward to more positive experiences with our next cohort of apprentices with IPS!”

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