Name: Alex Singer
Qualification: Advanced Maintenance Electrical Apprenticeship
Alex Singer National Grid Engineering Apprenticeship Kent

Alex successfully achieved her Advanced Electrical Engineering Apprenticeship at National Grid and so IPS caught up with Alex to see what her plans for progression are next, since achieving her apprenticeship. Alex continued her employment with National Grid and is now putting her skills to good use.

Alex’s story;

“I actually didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school but I knew I wanted to go down the apprenticeship road as you learn while gaining experience and potentially, can gain a permanent job at the end so long as you do well and show commitment. I knew I wanted something hands-on and a friend worked for National Grid so told me about their apprenticeship scheme. After she gave me an insight, I researched the company, applied and was successful.”

As well as Alex achieving her apprenticeship with National Grid, Alex also was offered the opportunity to take advantage of some of the additional commercially run courses with IPS including a high voltage switch course, inspection and testing and the 17th Edition to name a few!

“The skills I have gained in my apprenticeship have helped me and have made me want to progress. The guidance from my mentors both here at National Grid and at IPS through my trainer have really helped me and I have always felt supported. They also guided me with the short courses that I could explore and take up so as I could further upskill and these have been useful in my role.”

“I worked with people at the beginning of my apprenticeship by shadowing to gain experience and mainly focused on the learning and development of core elements within my role but now I have much more responsibility with what I do. For example, putting an oxygen monitoring system into the mechanical department where they test values so that it monitors 24/7 automatically and with back up if there is a power cut to save human error.”

Alex is enjoying putting her skills to use and still learning more about her role at the next level but would like to progress in the future.

“For now, I am happy learning my current role in full time employment however, I certainly would like to naturally progress to an Assistant Engineering role in the future, here at National Grid so would explore any further training that would help with this when the time comes.”

“I would certainly recommend Apprenticeships. I’ve progressed in myself and my apprenticeship more than I thought would be possible in the time frame you get allocated to achieve which in my case was 4 years and because of this, I have qualifications and a full-time job. When you recommend to people to do it and they think it will be hard – it may well be! But, remember that you get so much support and guidance to achieve what you need to so are not alone. Apprenticeships are worthwhile and for anybody to take up. Don’t miss out on the opportunity.”

IPS would like to congratulate Alex; after completing her Advanced Apprenticeship in Electrical Engineering and securing full-time employment. We wish her every success in the future!

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