Name: Alix Taylor
Qualification: Level 2 Business Administration and Level 3 Recruitment
Alix Taylor Business Admin and Recruitment Apprentice


Qualification: Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship

18 year-old Alix Taylor from Chatham joined IPS International in July 2015 as a Business Development Administrator.

After studying Double IT and Business Studies, he joined IPS to complete an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business Administration, looking to build a career in this field.

“I was interested in Business ever since sixth form and I wanted to pursue a career in this industry. I decided to choose an apprenticeship over university because I wanted to earn as I learned and felt I would gain more experience.”

“IPS offered plenty of support and guidance in order to help me achieve my diploma and I was able to progress at a rate that suited me. The trainers’ wealth of experience within the industry has helped me progress through the qualification and always provided support.”

“As a student, I did not feel I was given enough guidance in relation to different options for further education. However, I do feel this is improving now. I do not know many other people who went on to do apprenticeships. Most people still choose to go to University which I believe could be influenced by parents and teachers.”

“The job role has been challenging but, overall, it has been rewarding and really helped me to mature in a busy working environment. When one of my colleagues left our department, I took on a lot more responsibilities within the company, which brought about challenges in my job role. This has helped me to develop as a professional and has also prepared me for other high pressured situations that may occur.”



Qualification: Progression to a Level 3 Recruitment Apprenticeship

After completing the Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship and finding his interest lay in recruitment, Alix decided with the help of his trainer to progress onto the Level 3 Recruitment Apprenticeship with IPS.

“My Business Administration Apprenticeship gave me a good grounding for working in a business environment, and I was also pleased with the apprenticeship side of things as my role started to develop. I helped develop improvements to the recruitment process, and it became a recruitment service now offered to all employers.”

Alix progressed to a Level 3 Recruitment Apprenticeship, as he had already covered recruitment units within his previous programme and this sparked an interest, something he hadn’t thought about going into beforehand. Alix had spoken with his trainer at the end of his L2 apprenticeship and made him aware of his options in further training development. Alix completed his Recruitment Apprenticeship in October 2017.

“I enjoyed both of my apprenticeships, and I think the main thing for me was learning to build customer relationships. I have always been an excellent communicator, and for me, it was about working to build confidence in communicating with people of all levels. I feel apprenticeships are a proven way of developing those skills, not just in the chosen sector you want to work in but also building self-confidence, learning on the job and how to behave and act professionally in the workplace. It’s helped me learn what I’m good at and how I learn best. The learning aspect of the apprenticeships was slightly different for me as I work for IPS and I work with the trainers and departments so in that way you would think it would be easier. It was always flexible to do my coursework, but my apprenticeships were both challenging at times, the recruitment apprenticeship was a different sort of challenge. Where I had covered Business Administration at sixth form, and it was more putting what I knew into practice, the recruitment side gave me a new insight and a new learning view which helped me improve my role and progress in my career. I am now a Recruitment Advisor at IPS, working with the departments making the learner signup a seamless process and giving IAG support to employers and applicants.”

Alix has improved procedures, working with the Business Development team increasing start-ups consistently showing the new processes are working.

“I have helped in the creation of new policies, for example, a new apprenticeship policy was put in place for apprentices ensuring they were treated correctly and had time invested in them, something IPS are brilliant at doing, but the director wanted this informally in a written policy.

IPS has helped me realise recruitment is the career I want to progress in, and I’m enjoying my role here, assisting employers to recruit apprentices, creating excellent job vacancies and working with them to give me the correct support and relevant applicants to make the process easier for all involved. With the support and guidance of my two trainers they helped me to pick units most relevant within my apprenticeships, I always knew I had them there for support and guidance.

I would 100% recommend IPS Apprenticeships. Apprenticeships are a great way to gain experience, grow confidence and kick-start your career. Whether you’re a school leaver, an older learner, or you want a new career change; apprenticeships are for everyone. They are the best way to learn and progress your career.”

If you would like to find out more about IPS’s apprenticeships in Business Skills, please call 01634 298800