Name: Amy Le-Mmon
Qualification: Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship
Progressing to Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in IT Professional Competence
Amy Le-Mmon IT Apprentice at MCCH Image

Amy has successfully achieved her Level 2 apprenticeship in IT and is progressing to a Level 3 apprenticeship in IT Professional Competence while working at MCCH (Maidstone Community Care Homes in the role of IT Apprentice)

Amy’s story;

Amy is an IT Apprentice at Maidstone Community Care Home, studying for an Advanced Apprenticeship in IT Professional Competence since progressing on from her Intermediate apprenticeship qualification.

“At the beginning of my L2 apprenticeship the thought of doing an Advanced apprenticeship was quite daunting, although I have general knowledge of IT I didn’t know how well I was going to be able to transfer that knowledge into a work environment. Luckily, I had the support of both my manager and my IPS trainer to help me make the most of that knowledge and apply it to my role.”

Amy believes that by being on an apprenticeship she has gained some valuable skills just by being in the workplace.

“While on my apprenticeship with MCCH I have learned some valuable skills which I do not believe I would have obtained if I had gone to University. I have also gained ICT Functional skills qualification and have certificates in safeguarding adults. I have knowledge of the mental capacity act which I have received through doing induction at MCCH and this will be refreshed every year. From the other spectrum, Jay, my IPS trainer at the beginning of my course went through Safeguarding and provided me with a leaflet and some contact numbers if I ever felt that I needed them.”

“Over the course of my apprenticeship my time management skills have improved, I have had to problem solve and work in a team; all of which has improved my motivation and confidence in myself and my work. My confidence has grown considerably whilst being on my apprenticeship. I must communicate with colleagues, managers, and clients on several different levels which initially was a challenge for me. I can now deliver some very technical information that significantly contributes to the overall success of the organisation. I feel I can use these new skills for the benefit of my workplace. I supported my colleagues through producing a self-help IT system guide, this has contributed to reducing the number of calls to the IT department for issues that they can now resolve themselves.”

Since doing the apprenticeship, Amy’s career goal has changed as she realised she was more interested in IT networking, so the way device’s are connected and how they talk to each other rather than her initial interest in computer hardware.

“My career goal now is to work in IT networking, initially at the start of my apprenticeship I was more interested in computer hardware, but now I am leaning more towards IT networking as I am interested in understanding how things work behind the scenes and how to troubleshoot if something is not working. I like a challenge. Jay, my trainer and I have discussed my future career options as he knows me quite well, I trust his advice and guidance, Jay supports me in what I have chosen as a career path.”

“I opted to enrol onto an apprenticeship rather than go to University because although I gained the necessary qualifications for a place at University in the subject I wanted to take, after consideration I believe it is more beneficial for me to go straight into the working environment and learn as I go.

In my opinion it is all well and good going to University and learning about computers and computing, but in a few years’ time, systems that I have been studying may have changed significantly. Another positive is that on an apprenticeship I am earning while I learn rather than having a student loan to pay back from studying at University once I was earning above the pay threshold. I am now planning for my future as well as gaining a widely-recognised qualification that will help me to obtain a permanent job once my apprenticeship is completed.

IPS wishes Amy Le-Mmon all the very best in obtaining her Level 3 IT Apprenticeship and her future career in IT Networking.

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