Name: Andy Jupp
Qualification: Level 5 in Leadership and management for Health and Social Care
Andy Jupp Health and Social Care Apprentice

Andy Jupp is the Registered Manager of Kingsdown House; a 24hr registered Care Home for individuals aged 18 and over. He has been the manager for three years; improving the home’s reputation and standards, but when Andy started, he had no qualifications in care. With the help of IPS, he has enhanced his skills taking on several different Apprenticeship programmes, improving his knowledge and developing his career. From starting within a Support Worker role, Andy has progressed through the ranks, into Senior & Deputy Manager positions and has now advanced into the role of Registered Manager. IPS caught up with Andy to find out more about his progression and his journey.

“I have now been with the organisation (Regard) for 14 years, the last 4 at Kingsdown House Care in Strood, but when I started, I had no experience in care. If I’m honest, when I started I had just left the entertainment industry and I needed work and was treating it as a stop gap. For the first two months in the Support Worker role, I wasn’t sure, but I started to enjoy it and I always wanted to do something different, so I was always pushing myself to the next stage. When I was a Support Worker, I was driving to do Senior work, hence then getting the job, after 2-4 years I went into a Deputy role for four years and it was natural progression which led me to the Registered Manager role, that I have been doing now for three years. Throughout the 14 years, I have done NVQ L2 and L3 and QCF L5 HSC Qualifications, all of which with IPS. The organisation and the government funded the first two but the Level 5 was funded by myself through the government and with the help of the excellent relationship I have with my IPS trainer, Mary. I got the advice and guidance I needed on how to get the funding so I could complete this. Without a doubt my qualifications have helped me enhance my skills and work my way through the company.

Before my journey, IPS had been used for training and qualifications here at Kingstown House as it was a local training centre for us and they wanted everyone to be trained in Level 2. I struck up a good professional relationship with IPS through my training and have carried on using IPS in this care home because of this, as I know they can deliver proper qualifications and training. The personability at IPS is excellent, the staff all have had different trainers from IPS, but each one has been friendly and professional and human which relaxes the learner. I have my deputy who has just finished her Level 5 and my senior is currently completing it and the way the qualification has been delivered is brilliant. The learning process for me within all my Apprenticeships was beneficial. As well as learning my qualifications, IPS also covered all Safeguarding and Depravation of Liberty which I was learning on the job, but my training included the legal side too. I had no knowledge prior, so the Level 2 was primarily learning key insight for the Care industry, which is what it did, I enjoyed essay writing and how I could be flexible and take a few hours away from work each day to do this. I did my Level 3 as I wanted to further my career. Once I had that knowledge, it was more about having the qualifications to move up to a Senior level, which isn’t imperative to have when your Senior, but it was another string to my bow. To become a Registered Manager, you need to have completed a QCF Level 5 or working towards, so I wanted to progress and complete this to be able to do the role. I wanted to excel in what I was doing and push myself as I enjoy the sense of achievement after the completion of an Apprenticeship. I left school at 15, so it was nice to have that achievement in myself as I didn’t have a lot of qualifications previously and so I wanted to prove to myself and keep progressing.

Through my qualifications and progression into new positions, I have brought the care home up to a good standard and we now have the best reputation in the region and have featured in the local paper for the excellent work we have done.  I also wanted to make sure the staff were well trained and well looked after. When I took over, the sickness level was very high, so I changed the rota to give everyone two weekends off a month and this has provided an excellent work-life balanced and has dropped the sickness level. I feel my experience through the 14 years also helps me help the staff and give them the confidence in their ability when training them. Through my Level 5 Apprenticeship, I learned no one is a ready-made manager and we all have a learning curve and need to work at our managerial style and the qualification taught me different managerial techniques and helped me find my path.

I have around 75% of staff trained in Level 2/Level 3 or currently completing. I want people to have as much opportunity to enhance themselves as I have had, so I think apprenticeships are massively important and I would recommend apprenticeships and IPS to everyone. IPS are head and shoulders above the rest and I can see that through my own experience, but also my staff’s skills.

Having my qualifications behind me gives me the confidence in my ability, to know I’m doing a good job. It has taught me how to treat people in the real world, as well as in my job. My Apprenticeships have spurred me on to do other things and my next career goal and challenge I’m considering is to become a trainer. I do Physical Intervention Training and Pro-active strategies here with the company, which I enjoy and I would like to develop this and become a qualified trainer, delivering to different care home’s staff. I have the knowledge, but need the training qualifications and I have been speaking to Mary who has been very helpful in giving me the guidance on TAQA qualifications, which I would like to take up with IPS.

Apprenticeships are the best way to extend and further your knowledge in any given career, particularly for me in a Health and Social Career. I believe they are a great way to build up confidence in your abilities, to then deliver the service at the highest quality in your industry.

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