Name: Ben Kasowe
Qualification: Health and Social Care

I joined Avante in 2012, I had done a few shifts and thought it was the best place for me to get a permanent job so I applied. At that point, I didn’t have any qualifications apart from the basic ones you would need in order to get into Care.

I was told that if you want to do an NVQ qualification you can enrol as an apprentice, so I started doing the qualification with IPS. Most of the work we do is tied up with regulations, laws and things are always changing in Care so with the training you are always updated and then apply those things.

In the training, you find out about person-centred care; you wouldn’t know that unless you have the training. You learn about how the resident is the centre of whatever you do and in their best interest, as well as offering choice and maintaining independence. On your own, you wouldn’t have someone to tell you those things but if you are studying that helps.

IPS has trained me all the way. I would give credit to my assessor; she has done a lot to help me attain the Level 2 qualification. If you are bogged down at the end of all the work they’ll go out of their way to help and offer feedback.

I have that sense of achievement because I’m getting more responsibilities and if I’m asked to do something, I mostly have an idea of how to do these things. I can also give input in the work that I’m doing and I can also contribute because I know I’m adding value to the organisation.

The way it is going I wouldn’t want to end where I am in terms of qualifications because something that has been fulfilled is no longer a motivator, you need to go further. When you’ve got knowledge, you’ve got power and confidence so I would recommend all those who haven’t done the qualification to do so.

I do recommend others in Care pursue these qualifications because the help and support we get makes the learning much lighter because you’re not just left on your own. I would like to go as far as possible. The only room that is available is the room for improvement so I wouldn’t want to end where I am because there are so many opportunities, so it is up to the individual to go for them.

If you would like to find out more about IPS's apprenticeships in Health and Social Care, please call 01304 228180