Name: Claire Cook
Qualification: Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship in Business Administration
Claire Cook VBH LTD Business Administration Apprenticeship

Claire Cook has been completing her Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship with IPS International since October 2018 with employer VBH Ltd in Gillingham. Claire works as a Business Administration/Marketing Apprentice, working within the Marketing department at the company. She spoke to IPS about her Apprenticeship experience and how she has already found herself developing… 

Claire’s story;

“I left college in June/July 2018 after studying Media for three years and I wanted to find a job that best suited developing skills in filming, editing and photography. I didn’t want to go down the route of University as the lifestyle didn’t interest me, so when advisors came into the College to promote Apprenticeships I saw this as my path and I liked the idea of earning while qualifying. It took me a few months of looking on the GOV – Find an Apprenticeship website, to find the job that was best suited for me. I liked the job description of my role and when I went to the interview with VBH, I showed them my video editing skills with a video I had created at College which impressed them as they hadn’t done any video marketing before.

Since working with VBH, I have created a video marketing campaign with the company and with the help of an intern from our German offices who was visiting our Head Office. We filmed my Manager for a product re-launch bulletin where he spoke about and showed products used to display a customer advertisement which will be useful to present our products. Click here to see a link of this video. The video has received excellent feedback and it’s developed my skills, learning to adjust audio and background noise and using different editing software. It’s really helped my Apprenticeship to develop these skills and I also wrote a piece showing what I did and how I could improve my work.

My Apprenticeship has really increased my confidence; I learn something new every day. This is my first job and it has been an adjustment from school and College, being more independent and learning to use a professional telephone manner, developing my communication skills, learning how to interact with not only customers but my colleagues too. Not only have I learned skills for my Apprenticeship, but I have also gained information about the company and our products, which has helped in my marketing role. Through marketing, I have used new software and tools internally and externally like Adobe InDesign to create brochures and Infomail for email campaigns and NVU for HTML. I have also helped to organise an event for the company which was a Golf Day for our customers where I worked alongside a partner company, who helped to organise. I completed the administration side of things for VBH, creating a spreadsheet for who we wanted to invite, sending to the partner company and liaising with them to book rooms for the guests. I also designed artwork for the pull-up board and ordered in the golf balls. The event received good feedback and by helping the partner company in the organisation, it helped me in my event organising assessment within my Business Administration Apprenticeship and has given me a rough idea of organisation steps that must happen before an event takes place.

My Apprenticeship tasks have been hard in places but the flexibility and incorporating some of my day to day work as evidence is helpful, it’s also good to have my employer’s support but also to know I have my IPS Trainer there for support too and we have gone through advice and guidance like my wellbeing, safeguarding and IPS has a topic of the month to give me useful information as well as helping me through my qualification. I know they are always there and are a phone call or email away and my Trainer always comes back to answer my queries quickly, also sending me resources to help with my work. As well as my Apprenticeship qualification, I will be taking my Maths and IT Functional Skills exams when I finish my assignments for the month and before my Trainer’s next visit I have been receiving exam papers to help me revise and prepare. Maths is not one of my stronger subjects and I always say, ‘I can’t do maths’, Jonathan my IPS Trainer has told me to put ‘yet’ at the end of my sentences and I’ve actually been telling myself this and applying this to my work and new tasks I’ve been assigned and mentally it has really been helping me, which is great!

I would recommend IPS to others. I have a good relationship with my Trainer and enjoy the work they set me as well as the support I receive with my assignments.

My Apprenticeship and my role are helping me develop new skills for my career and I’m enjoying my work at VBH. The great thing about a Business Administration qualification is that it covers a lot of aspects of business and can be useful in all kinds of sectors.

Apprenticeships are great for people who don’t necessarily like studying or the idea of University. You can build your confidence, skills and knowledge and can earn money while qualifying. Start a career straight away by getting work experience; they are a great way to learn and help you to develop the skills for your career goal.


IPS wishes Claire all the very best in obtaining her future development.

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