Name: Corban Jennings
Qualification: Completing Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship in IT Professional Competence
Corban Jennings - IT Apprentice - Apprenticeship in IT

Corban is currently completing a Level 2 Apprenticeship in IT while working at a Rochester-based IT company WYSIWYG. Corban talks about his apprenticeship journey and how he had little confidence at the start of the apprenticeship, to now improving his communication and people skills, by dealing with customer service support.

Corban’s story;

“I left school with GCSEs, but I didn’t necessarily enjoy school, I knew College or 6th form wasn’t an option for me, as I didn’t like the full-time study aspect. I decided early on that an apprenticeship was the way to go for me as I wanted to be work and gain practical experience. In my opinion, apprenticeships are the best pathway for career growth.  In my current role, I can expand my skills and gain a qualification while working on real-life daily challenges.  I am supported in my position by my employer who is an industry professional in conjunction with the Trainer/Assessor at IPS.

Once I left school, I started looking on the GOV.UK website at apprenticeship vacancies in Kent and I was drawn to the IPS/WYSIWYG IT apprenticeship. I have always had a keen interest in IT and computers, ever since I was age 4 and played with my father’s computer and gaming systems.

Corban is now halfway through his apprenticeship and is enjoying the experience and enhancing/improving his life skills as well as gaining a qualification.

“I’ve enjoyed my apprenticeship experience. The best part for me is working with the different IT systems and the hands-on experience I gain from this. I now understand how to diagnose faults and how to fix problems. I have even improved a procedure at work by creating a deployment server that can be used when we need to give out new computer equipment and devices to clients.  We plug in the network cable, and it installs software, which is much more time efficient than us having to do this manually.

I’ve certainly improved in a lot of areas too. My technical skills have advanced, and I can troubleshoot and help people, but mostly my people skills are the most significant improvement. Before starting my apprenticeship, I was shy and reticent and didn’t like talking to new people.

Through my work I have had to talk to clients, helping them with their issues verbally, or via the telephone. I visit client’s onsite to set up offices with my manager. I believe this has made me more confident and comfortable, not just in my role but in life, so much so that I have changed my career goal to a support role in this sector, as I enjoy customer service and I would like to be an all-around system administrator.

My apprenticeship has given me life skills as well as a qualification. I have also received guidance in Safeguarding, and how it impacts my role in talks with my assessor, learning that it affects the work, I do right at this moment, due to monitoring the computer systems and having to flag up anything that looks suspect.

“I have an excellent assessor called Jay at IPS which has provided me with ample support and is on hand to answer any questions I have, I know I can reach him by email, and he gets back to me quickly. My employer is happy for me to take time out for my apprenticeship and gives me support which is brilliant. The good thing is most of the work I do can be used as evidence, and I enjoy this aspect of learning. I would consider further education, maybe an advanced apprenticeship next to enhance my skills further and full-time employment at WYSIWYG has been spoken about, which will be great.

Once completed, my apprenticeship will be the difference between having a GCSE in Computer Science and playing with servers in my bedroom to hopefully gaining a nationally recognised qualification and gaining hands-on experience in a work environment. I feel this apprenticeship has made me a stronger candidate in this sector.

I would recommend apprenticeships to everyone! They help expand your knowledge within the industry you want to develop your career. You get to experience the practicality of the role, rather than studying from a book.

My IT apprenticeship has helped me gain not just technical knowledge, but it has surprised me by giving me the confidence and customer service skills, that have led me to realise a career within IT support could be the route for me.”

IPS wishes Corban all the very best in obtaining his Level 2 IT Apprenticeship and his future career in a support role!

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