Name: David Warren
Qualification: Level 3  Business Administrator Standard Apprenticeship
David Warren Swale Borough Council Business Admin  Apprentice


David has completed several Apprenticeships to progress his career and has worked his way up inside Swale Borough Council. David talks to us about how his Apprenticeship training is going…

“I currently work at Swale Borough Council and have done for almost 3 years. Before I joined the council, I did a qualification in Accounting at Canterbury College. I heard about the Apprenticeship programme at Swale Council in 2017 and it interested me because of all the different departments that they had to offer and the qualifications that were part of them. I first underwent a Recruitment Resourcing Apprenticeship when I worked in the HR Department and after this, I was offered the opportunity to complete another Apprenticeship in tourism, which interested me because it was so different to HR and I like to try different things. I’m now finishing off my Business Administrator Apprenticeship, which I have really been enjoying.

My qualification is going very well, and I have completed the units to the best of my ability with the support of my Trainer when I have struggled with a unit. I am now in the planning stages of my End Point Assessment. IPS ensured that I still have my monthly meetings with my Trainer over the phone, so my training has not been too affected due to Covid-19. The pandemic has not made any differences in terms of the quality of my work that I produce, however I have to admit it has made it more difficult to consistently focus throughout the whole day, but with the support of my workplace and Trainer this is working.

As I am approaching the End Point Assessment of my qualification, there is not much more learning to be had, however I’m researching and practising presentation. Virtual learning during the lockdown has been going fine for me and I haven’t had an issue with that, in fact I have gained greater IT knowledge through the Apprenticeship, especially within Outlook and Excel. I have become a more confident individual, undertaking project work, plus gaining leadership and delegating skills.

Through working on my Apprenticeship, I have also made improvements to the Google Analytics monthly report that I complete to generate the viewing and visit figures the Swale website gains over each month. I have made alterations to the report and added other areas which I believe should be highlighted on the report. I also had the idea of doing an annual ‘Visit Swale’ report so we can analyse and see what is working on the site.

My Apprenticeship has greatly helped me to grow and learn, and I now have landed a job at the council in the Housing department because of my Business Administration Apprenticeship, as well as further qualifications and the help I have been given, also my IPS Trainer supported me on CV writing and interview skills to develop me further. I would like to climb up the ladder in the department or go on and try different things in different departments within the organisation, as I really enjoy my work there and progressing myself.

I would definitely recommend Apprenticeships to anyone because you get paid, you’re in employment and you’re learning and gaining a qualification out of it. I would also have no issue with recommending IPS to anyone as well. I have had no major issues throughout my 2 qualifications that I have undertaken with IPS.

I would say to future Apprentices that, with Apprenticeships you really learn. Learning new skills, earning a wage and gaining professional work experience, it’s a win all round.”

 We wish David all the very best in his progression and career.

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