Name: Gabriel Mirembe
Placement: Burtons Property Services
Traineeship: Office Admin Traineeship

Gabriel is a single mum and needed help transitioning back into work and gaining confidence. She has recently completed her 6-week Traineeship Placement at IPS and with employer, Burtons Property Services. Gabriel talks to us about her experience and why she is grateful to the team at IPS…

“I am a single mother and the highest qualification I had was BTEC. I knew I needed help and support with transitioning back into work and to gain more confidence and sharpen my skills, so I could become the best candidate. I heard about the IPS Traineeship Open Day through a news report and I’m really happy I looked into it.

I have enjoyed the different learning environments within my Traineeship programme, classroom-based learning and a work placement, I feel like I learned something every day so I’m happy to have done the training. We have been using BKSB with the Trainer and I’m currently doing my functional skills in maths and ICT at the Chatham Dockside Classroom. We have also completed interview training and I really feel my time management and communication skills have excelled in doing this. The training has been so beneficial and I’m going on to develop my project management skills.

I have already recommended IPS to my friends as I feel it has helped me develop a lot more self-confidence and I am starting a new traineeship soon, I really feel I now know what I want to do and know what avenues to take to get there.

I felt like a lot of my bad habits (work related) have been corrected and I have been provided with the tools to be the best employee I can be, I’m forever grateful to the team at IPS.” 



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