Name: Joanne Skinner
Qualification: Level 3 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship


Joanne worked at the Vale Care Home in Maidstone while completing her Level 3 Apprenticeship with IPS and this has led to new job opportunities, find out more…

I’m 48 years old and I have been doing care work for 30 years. I was a Senior Carer at the Vale Care Home and in order of care guidelines changing I had to complete my NVQ to continue being a Senior, I had already completed Level 1 and Level 2 and had progressed onto a Management course when I was at a previous care home but the Vale approached me and let me know that if I wanted to continue being a Senior, I would have to complete the Level 3 which I was happy to do. The Vale Care Home have a good relationship with IPS and have always used them for training.

I actually really enjoyed my Apprenticeship training, I enjoy learning. I also definitely noticed by communication skills and level of competency improved throughout my training. My Apprenticeship training was flexible around my workload and my IPS Trainer Lou, was fantastic at rescheduling and working around my needs. As well as the qualification, I completed Maths and English functional skills, which went well considering its been sometime since I last sat these tests and Lou was on hand to support me. With the maths I struggled a little, but she was there giving me guidance and we even had one to one sessions to help guide me through it. Lou was on hand to support, giving me pointers through email and WhatsApp, answering any questions/problems I may have and gave me support where needed.

At the end of my Apprenticeship I had to complete the End Point Assessment, as we were in lockdown this was a little bit difficult to do, but it was great that I could still continue my Apprenticeship through Lockdown and we worked around restrictions with me sitting on my doorstep with my laptop completing the test and Lou socially distanced nearby invigilating.

I would absolutely recommend Apprenticeships to others. I left the Vale but the skills and knowledge I learned during the Level 3 qualification actually helped me secure a new role which is working with people with learning disabilities, we actually covered some of the aspects of this type of work in my qualification and it really helped me achieve a successful interview.

I feel if anyone is really interested in a specific field, especially in Health and Social Care, Apprenticeships are a fantastic idea, they broaden your horizons, there is so much out there that you could learn and it also gives you the opportunity to progress your career. It’s not just all about the Care sector, an Apprenticeship covers a whole spectrum of things and you could move into a management role and even progress through the ranks of a company.

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