Name: Joseph Maxwell
Apprenticeship Level 5 Health and Social Care Leadership and Management Apprenticeship
Joseph Maxwell ApproCare HSC Leadership Apprenticeship

Joseph has worked in the care industry for eight years and has been in his Care Assessor role at ApproCare, a home care agency based in Sheerness Kent, for two years and has recently completed the Level 5 HSC Leadership and Management Apprenticeship. Joseph talks us through his Apprenticeship experience and how it has significantly helped his role and opened his eyes to different career possibilities in the sector.

“Coming from a family with a wealthy care background both general and mental health, I have always had an interest in this industry from a young age. I have worked in the care industry for eight years and have gained a range of qualifications from NVQ Level 3 Health and Social Care to Trainer Training. I previously worked as a Care Practitioner, I then wanted to progress, so I started work at ApproCare in 2017 in my Care Assessor/Trainer role. I wanted to improve my skills and help improve my managerial training, so I decided to do the Level 5 Health and Social Care Leadership and Management Apprenticeship after being approached about it from my Care Director who recommended this with IPS.

I have really enjoyed my Apprenticeship; from learning about assisting medication, evaluating medicine, expectations and data protection. I have learned a lot about regulations, especially in my research project around confidentiality and auditing. I have always done a bit of auditing within my role, but my Apprenticeship has helped me go more in-depth with this. My Apprenticeship has also helped me improve procedures in the workplace; the medication policy and spot-checking have significantly improved and it has also changed my introductory process with new Carers coming onboard.

The topic I most enjoyed with my programme was safeguarding and the social aspect. The Apprenticeship has benefited me greatly as there are a lot of safeguarding matters that I can now handle better with my training. Also learning about the social aspect while doing my Apprenticeship has changed my perspective on what I want to do next. I have always been very health orientated, working around medicine, floor and ward management during my career, so I hadn’t really done a lot in regards to the social aspect, but now I’m thinking more about social working and it’s given me a different career path to think about in the future and I would like to investigate a Social Worker degree next and continue to progress on that side of the spectrum. My IPS Trainer has provided me guidance on avenues I can take next and what I didn’t realise the Level 5 Apprenticeship could open for me as I always thought it was more management-based, so it was interesting to have my eyes open to the social side of things.

The learning aspect of the Apprenticeship was sometimes hard, meeting deadlines when handling managerial duties, but with the help of my IPS Trainer (Lynnette) it was made a lot easier as she was brilliant. If I was struggling with something, she would give me excellent guidance, was always on hand to help me and would get back to me straight away. She also helped me achieve my Level 2 Functional Skills in English and maths that I also completed within my programme.

I would 100% recommend Apprenticeships, they may be challenging and stressful at times, but with a good Trainer like I had with IPS, it is enjoyable and so rewarding. I have learned a lot; I believe you learn more intently on the job doing the role itself and the more people who learn more, the better care that is delivered to the people of the UK. I think an Apprenticeship is a useful learning tool and they allow you to progress at your own rate. You gain skills while you’re learning and can work with different learning styles, for me I like learning things on my own and researching things, which worked well for my coursework.”

IPS wish Joseph the very best of luck in his future endeavors!



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