Name: Katy Mills
Qualification: Level 3  Recruitment Apprenticeship
Katy Mills Kent Teaching Solutions Recruitment Apprenticeship

Katy Mills has been completing her Level 3 Recruitment Apprenticeship with IPS since March 2019 with her employer, Kent Teaching Solutions in Maidstone. Katy works as an Education Recruitment Consultant and spoke to IPS about her Apprenticeship journey so far and how she would like to mentor Apprentices in the future…

“I gained my GCSEs and A levels, but once I finished Sixth Form, I realised I didn’t want to go to University. I hadn’t been given much career advice at school, so I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I started to work in a bank and worked there for a couple of years, but I felt I wasn’t getting much career progression and I knew I wanted to develop and learn so it was suggested I consider Apprenticeships. This would be where I could gain a qualification in something I had interest in and build upon it. I looked on the GOV website and found the Recruitment Apprenticeship here at Kent Teaching Solutions and it interested me as the industry is so fast-paced and there is so much to learn. KTS are education based, but the whole industry itself is vast and I feel like it’s a job you can personally develop and progress yourself in. I’m so happy Apprenticeships were suggested to me as if I’m honest, I thought I was too old to do an Apprenticeship and didn’t realise they are for all ages from 16 years . I honestly wish I did it sooner although it’s worked out well for me as I get to work at Kent Teaching Solutions and feel I have found the career for me in Recruitment.

The process to start my Apprenticeship was easy; I applied on the GOV website and was contacted by the IPS Recruitment Advisor (Alix) who carried out a telephone interview with me and organised my interview with Kent Teaching Solutions. I have been training since March this year and it’s going well, I’m learning something new every day and the assignments and NVQ part of my training fits in well with my work and is relevant to my Apprenticeship. The Apprenticeships delivery is straightforward and for me making notes for my assignments and then adding this in with the NVQ side works well.

The assignments are significant, they are related to my job role but also the industry and for example, the legal assignment was challenging but once my IPS Trainer (Ellie) marked and sent me resources to help me, they helped me in the job itself. For example, one of the questions was about making sure adverts were legal and ethical, I could send some of the law section information to my colleagues and we could then standardise all our adverts, this really helped during a recent Government audit as it was brilliant to show the adverts were fully compliant. As well as enjoying working with my colleagues, I enjoy working with Ellie; she has been helpful with sending me resources, explaining and giving thorough information in why these would be useful. The IPS Trainer visits are always supportive, we have discussed Safeguarding and making sure I’m okay and I know she is always on hand for me to contact if I need help. It’s been an excellent dynamic, having experienced colleagues to guide and train me but also a Trainer to mentor me too.

My Apprenticeship is allowing me to grow, I did have work experience beforehand which has helped me, but I do feel I have learned additional life skills as well as working towards gaining my qualification. Initially I wasn’t great on the telephone but by roleplaying, observing others and getting feedback from my colleagues, my phone manner is now greatly improved. I’ve learned the terminology and language used in the education sector which has helped my development in recruitment. Whilst working in the bank I spoke to customers, now I interview people, which is something I have never done before. I have in-depth interview sessions with candidates and discuss where best to place them and am gaining skills in amending CV’s. I’ve also developed marketing skills by becoming responsible for the social media at the company, the Facebook page was already very good, but I have enhanced this with new marketing posters and advert posts which have increased our engagement and reviews. I love seeing my posts on Facebook and the interaction they receive; it gives me a sense of achievement. I’m looking forward to completing my Apprenticeship and I would not hesitate to progress into further qualifications while working at Kent Teaching Solutions.

My career goal would be to become a Senior Education Recruitment Consultant in the future and I would love to mentor new Apprentices coming through the company, as I feel I now have the experience to help support them. I am first-hand evidence that an Apprenticeship can benefit a chosen career path which I hope will encourage others to take up an Apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships are brilliant; they are not just a job, but they prepare you for your career. They help you to personally develop, progress and learn what you need to know about the industry while on the job and all while getting paid.


IPS would like to wish Katy all the best in her Apprenticeship.




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