Name: Lauren Beck
Qualification: NVQ 2 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship
Lauren Beck Health and Social Care Apprentice at Barton Court

Lauren successfully achieved her Level 2 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship at Barton Court Care Home this year, after the opportunity came to upskill. Barton Court Care Home has MANY Health and Social Care Apprentices with IPS International. IPS caught up with Lauren to see how she has progressed since achieving her Apprenticeship.

Lauren’s story;

“I’ve always wanted to care for people, and for 11 years I have worked in a range of caring jobs ranging from working with individuals such as excluded Teenagers, Youth Service running the Arts and Crafts projects for 9-14-year-olds and even running my own Arts and Crafts project at a Primary School. However, it was all funded and when the money dried up it was hard. So, I decided to go a different route in looking after vulnerable people and chose to be a Carer as I believe my experiences in previous roles would be an advantage. I applied for a job here at Barton Court Care Home and was here a year when the opportunity arose to embark on an apprenticeship and  so I took it.”

Lauren decided on this as she wanted to upskill and gain a qualification and whilst achieving her apprenticeship, found the experience enjoyable.

“Until my apprenticeship, I only held a first aid qualification. I’ve always been interested in learning and upskilling even when I was a Youth Worker, so I wanted to better myself with my apprenticeship. As part of my apprenticeship, I also completed my functional skills in Maths and English too. The thing I enjoyed most with my apprenticeship was that it verified everything I felt. A lot of working in care has grey areas, and sometimes you need to go with your gut instinct, but I liked the sessions we did and group discussions, talking about situations and hearing the different ways of how we could deal with them which gave me even more confidence in what I already do.”

“I did struggle with some areas such as learning of several regulations within the care industry, but my trainers were always on hand for support and guidance. I have had the benefit of two trainers whilst on my apprenticeship as this had to change part way through the course however when this happened, there was a very smooth transition between trainers to suit my needs. Lynnette become my trainer that helped me to achieve and it benefited me as it gave me more knowledge and views with perspectives from a different person’s opinion and experiences. I could contact my trainers whenever I needed, and it helped me to go through the safeguarding elements with both of my trainers and to know that there were other people recognisable to you that you can talk to if you need to report anything and it gave me more confidence of my existing knowledge.”

Lauren felt her apprenticeship gave her confidence to help in her role and as well as her apprenticeship has learned in-house new skills at Barton Court Care Home.

“Now, I’m doing online training here at Barton Court, and we also have learned to move and handle, this is very important as our job is very hands on, and we have to move residents and make sure we are doing this correctly for them and us. My Apprenticeship has helped with my confidence in myself, and when I must assist the residents, I can trust my judgement.”

“For example, we have one lady who refused to eat her food and first I had to establish why. You must build a relationship and good rapport with them and encourage them to help themselves as you don’t want to step in and make them feel inadequate. I realised it was the cutlery that she couldn’t hold, so we fixed the problem with different cutlery. We also took some of the residents on a Boat trip recently and although it was an enjoyable day, they can get a little overwhelmed going when doing something different and so with the help of my training, this has given me the skills I have needed to pick up on this and make them feel reassured.”

Lauren is in full-time employment at Barton Court and is looking to progress and gain more qualifications during her time here.

“Ideally I would like to train further and get as much experience and knowledge as I can. I would like to do my Level 3 with IPS, and my trainer has advised me to consider doing a Handing of Medication short course first.”

“I feel caring is a significant job role which gets overlooked at times and I feel having apprenticeships in this field gives it more respect and shows the importance of it. My job is gratifying, but also very hands on. In my industry, you can’t learn without being hands-on in the role and so that’s where the apprenticeship has benefitted me. You’re getting hands-on training and life experience to put that practice into work. I would encourage apprenticeships to anyone. Barton Court has worked with IPS for many years with successful apprenticeships

Ami Barrington Hunt, the Home Manager at Barton Court Care Home, stated that the reason Barton Court have work with IPS for years is that with the training received, staff are consistent. Amy herself has also lead by example with training and has also achieved a Level 5 Leadership and Management Health and Social Care qualification with IPS.

“Barton Court Care Home have worked with IPS for many years and now know the trainers well which helps with the training we need our staff to obtain. What also helps is the consistency and the fact that everything runs so smoothly. We feel apprenticeships benefit the company greatly as it’s an excellent way to upskill staff and for them to gain qualifications on the job.”

IPS would like to congratulate Lauren and Amy; with their achievements and wish them all the best in their future progression.

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