Name: Lewis Rigden
Qualification: Level 2 Business Administration

Lewis completed his Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship with IPS and is now in full-time employment with his employer, Windows for Construction in an Estimator/Sales role. Lewis talks to IPS about the apprenticeship process and how his experience has helped him.

Lewis’s story;

“I left school with the idea of going to College, University and then look for work. I went to College studying triple engineering, but the College was new and wasn’t set up very well which in effect made the experience unenjoyable. In the summer break of my 1st year and after the recommendation from older friends who had done apprenticeships, I started to look at vacancies as I thought it would be better to get into the working environment, earning while learning. The Business Administration Apprenticeship at Windows for Construction was advertised on the National Apprenticeship Service website, and I was very interested in the job role itself so applied.”

Lewis currently works in an Estimator Sales role at WFC and is now a full-time employee after successfully completing his apprenticeship.

“My apprenticeship helped me learn to work independently, after coming out of education where you have the guidance from teachers and wholly classroom-based working it’s helped me learn to think for myself and prioritise my workload. When completing my apprenticeship, I even improved a process by calculating formulas and sums on our spreadsheets, so we don’t manually have to input the information, and this has been extremely time efficient for our department.

The most significant benefit for myself was getting a paid salary while qualifying and I believe going into a working environment at a young age gives you a head start in gaining work experience. Personally, talking to my friends who are coming out of university, they are all still in a student mindset.

As well as completing my qualification, I have also gained life skills, going through the IPS monthly topics with my IPS trainer Jo, has given me guidance in a range of broader general subjects. Jo has always been on hand to advise me about my apprenticeship itself including safeguarding protocols, taxes and how to check my PAYE, which has benefited me greatly. Jo has been a great trainer; I had unfortunately fallen behind with my work, with Jo’s support I finished on time by being contactable whenever I needed her for questions and sitting down with me and going through what I had left to achieve. I finished my qualification on time, my employer was accommodating and let me work around my apprenticeship and continued to support me. Overall I found the process convenient, I could dip in and out of my course work and fit it around my workload and although some topics were difficult, with help and guidance I was provided with it was a good process and experience.

On completion of my apprenticeship, I was given a full-time role at Windows for Construction, as an Estimator and Sales advisor and I thoroughly enjoy it. I’m given targets and am rewarded when I meet them. I would like to stay with the company in the future, I enjoy working here and ultimately would want to become an Office Manager, within my current Customer Care and Estimator team in the future. Jo has also spoken to me about my future career, and at my sign off meeting at IPS she mentioned the different pathways I could take, and the further education I could go into, which is something I would consider to upskill further and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with IPS again. I know Jo is always on-hand and contactable for advice even though I have completed, which is excellent.

I would recommend apprenticeships to others. It has helped me get into work and has given me a work led mindset after coming straight out of education; apprenticeships are the best way to directly get involved in the working world and the best way to gain the knowledge and skills you need in the sector you want a career in!”

Alex Young, the Sales and Estimating Manager at WFC and also Lewis’ line-manager gave his take on apprenticeships and how recruiting an apprentice has benefited their business.

“Working in a very niche market, we are unable to source local employees to join Windows for Construction, which is why the apprentice scheme works well here. Not only does it give employment to the local youth but it also means we can develop them throughout their course and end up employing a skilled employee who we know will be able to do the job 100%.

In Lewis’s case, to be able to take someone with no experience and now trust him to work at a level I would expect an experienced estimator to be working within 18 months, this statement alone says it all.”


Congratulations Lewis for completing your Level 2 Business Administration Apprenticeship and IPS wish the very best in your future career!

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