Name: Liam Hamer
Qualification: Level 2 Warehousing and Storage


Liam Hamer Laptronic Warehousing Apprenticeship


Liam recently completed his Level 2 Warehousing Apprenticeship with IPS and employer Laptronic Systems Limited in Gillingham and spoke to IPS about how his Apprenticeship has given him his first job and the benefit of earning while learning.

Liam Harner’s Story:

“I didn’t really have any previous qualifications before doing my Apprenticeship, after leaving school I did go to college studying Engineering for 1 year and then changed to Motor Vehicles for another year, but I realised both subjects didn’t really interest long-term and I wanted to find something different. My friend had recently completed an Apprenticeship at Laptronics in the Warehousing department and from talking to him it sparked my interest, so he let me know of a new job opening and I applied. I had no experience in Warehousing, but they offered me the Apprenticeship and to gain training through IPS whilst I worked. I have been here for just over a year now and have recently completed my Apprenticeship, which I’m so pleased about.

Laptronics is an IT company and my department despatch the IT components. My day to day role is packing and getting everything ready for production team to send out. I learned a lot through my Apprenticeship, especially the units about health and safety, it was interesting as on one occasion we had people come in to check the smoke alarms, test them and make sure they were working correctly which corresponded with my learning. I’ve enjoyed learning about stock taking and the delivery of parts to customers. As well as gaining my Warehousing qualification and helping me progress in this sector, I have also improved on my personal skills, as this is my first official job it has helped me gain work experience in a professional working environment and I really enjoy working with the people I do, my communication skills have also improved greatly. I also love the benefits of earning while learning and it’s been beneficial to have my employer’s support and having my IPS Trainer’s support in my training. I would recommend IPS training as Bev, my IPS Trainer, would always get back to me with any questions I had so I could continue to get on with my work at my own pace and in my own time which has been helpful.

I now have a full-time role at Laptronics which I’m happy about and I would like to stay and progress further within the Warehousing sector. I think Apprenticeships are helpful to get you essential work experience as well as life experience needed for a working environment, it’s a good stepping stone and helps to kick start your career in the field you’re interested in and gives you the training while earning money at the same time!”

IPS wish Liam all the best in the future!



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