Name: Luke Dean
Company: Limitless Welding
Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Apprentice Kent - Max Apprentice and Luke Owner Limitless Welding

Luke Dean (Right) owns Limitless Welding Company, a Metal Fabricator in Chatham who specialise in Welding, pipework, and fabrication. Luke himself took a Welding and Fabrication Level 3 Apprenticeship with IPS International in 2009 and now has taken on Max (Left) who is a further IPS Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering Apprentice, in his employment. IPS caught up with Luke, to find out what he thinks about apprenticeships and the benefits to his company.

“I achieved an apprenticeship myself with IPS International, so I know first-hand the benefits of being an apprentice and how important it can be for future development. From getting a diploma in Civil Engineering at college and not knowing what to do next, I saw an advert with IPS International, advertising for a Welding Apprentice in the newspaper and so at the age of 18, decided to apply. I had an interest in this type of role and believe it is a good industry to be in.

Since completing my apprenticeship, I worked within different Welding companies, progressing my development to managerial roles and with this knowledge and my experience of how the Welding industry works, I decided to start my own business and opened Limitless Welding last year, with my partner Lee who I first met at IPS on our apprenticeship journey. Thanks to IPS, I have achieved many skills, and my all-around training within my apprenticeship contributes to me now owning my own business. I enjoyed learning in a class with people who had the same interests as me, and this gave me the motivation to be the best and in fact, we made a working platform whilst at IPS that is still in use today in their workshop today! The positive supportive and experience I had with IPS is the reason I have recently used them as a provider to employ an apprentice as I want everyone to work for me having the same standards/skills and high-quality training that I had.

Any business aims to give a good impression to clients, and I feel apprenticeships help companies achieve the most efficient level of performance and gain the highest skilled workforce. You gain life experience as well as work experience in learning and this helps you solve problems better than if you were studying with the aid of a workbook. For example; Max and I went out on a job, and there was a discussion about Health and Safety – having the experience from his apprenticeship, Max could give them some points that they hadn’t thought about and they agreed with his suggestions. I mentor Max, and we go out in pairs on jobs together as I know what he is going through and can guide him along with the support he needs on the job, but it helps me knowing IPS are just as supportive and that he is getting the highest level of training possible when in the workshop as I am also busy with running the company so it gives him a good balance.

I’m looking to expand on apprenticeships further and am currently looking at recruiting a Business Administration Apprentice with IPS of which I will do very soon. Having both a positive experience from an employer and apprentice perspective, I would highly recommend IPS. In fact, I already have, and another local Welding business now uses IPS for their apprentices successfully. IPS cover the practical sides of welding tasks and the workshop at Rochester does this effectively with the resources that they have. This is a significant impact and gives you good insight that sets you on the right track for a career in this sector. I continue to enjoy working with IPS and hope it continues for years to come!”

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