Name: Luke Harvey
Qualification: IT User Skills



My main passion has been computers ever since I went to secondary school. For a long time, I have been naturally good with computers and enjoy working with them. I like the fact that technology is always growing and always getting better. For example, five years ago some of the stuff we can do now easily just wouldn’t be possible.

In Sixth Form I studied triple IT and came out with three A*s; this provided solid groundworks for me to progress on to an apprenticeship. After finishing my A-Levels it seemed like a logical progression to apply my knowledge in the workplace environment and to see what other skills I can gain and found an apprenticeship at Rochester-based IT company WYSIWYG. The main incentive for me doing it was that I’d earn money and gain work experience as well as getting the qualification at the end of it.

IPS provided me with a well-established framework to learn my course. Within that framework my assessor provided a lot of useful information to support me throughout my period at WYSIWYG.

One aspect of my job that I enjoy is helping others. Another is that no two days are the same as every issue is very different. One day I could be updating a website another day I could be backing up a hard drive.

I’ve been able to take on a lot of responsibilities during my apprenticeship, such as working with servers. The fact I learned by using them in a business environment was very beneficial way as this would be the way I would be using them further on in my career.
My employer was awesome. At the beginning of my apprenticeship, he was always there day-to-day. As it got to the midway point in my apprenticeship, he knew I could be left alone with responsibilities, and then it got to the point where I could deal with server tasks and wouldn’t have to consult him. I would like to use this qualification to progress in the IT support industry and obtain a better understanding of how computer are used in a business environment.

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