Name: Megan Voisey
Qualification: Level 2 Business Administration
Megan Voisey - Business Administration Apprentice

Megan has successfully achieved her Level 2 Business Administration and is now in employment with a full-time employment salary at Laptronics Ltd where her Apprenticeship took place.

Megan’s story;

“I’ve always had apprenticeships in mind since I was at school as I wanted to go to work straight away. I did graphic design at college as this is a passion of mine but once completed, decided to go down the apprenticeship route.”

Megan started to search for apprenticeships online and applied to a few different sectors before deciding on Business Administration.

“Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any graphic design apprenticeships that suited, so I decided to apply for Warehousing and Business Administration. From the three apprenticeship vacancies that I applied to, I was offered two! I chose the Business Admin role as business gives you general skills that you can take anywhere. It also provides more potential to climb the career ladder, and I’m so happy I took this role as I have learned so much. A year ago, I would have never thought I would be where I am today.”

Megan has been working at Laptronics Ltd, a computer repair service in Gillingham since July 2016 as an Administration Assistant; this was Megan’s first experience of full time employment and her daily duties included learning to create invoices, refunds, deal with customers via telephone and carry out many other administrative tasks.

“My apprenticeship learning has been a smooth process and worked well with my job here at Laptronics. I could use a lot of my work generated from my role as evidence within my apprenticeship and a lot of what I have learned has helped me in this role. For example, my trainer covered ICT Training with me and went through Excel thoroughly as part of my learning and made sure I 100% understood. As all our invoicing is carried out in excel this has been beneficial, and I now invoice one of our biggest customers which I have been doing for the last 4 months. If my work load was busy, Kay, my trainer, would try where possible to be flexible with my schedule and I knew she was always at the end of the phone or a quick email if I needed any additional support. “

“Through my apprenticeship, I have picked up an array of skills. My organisational skills have improved, and I have even developed the folder structure within the office so everything can be found easier. When I first joined, I hated answering the phone but now as my confidence has grown, I respond to the telephone daily. My ICT and graphic design skills are also being used and I’m in the middle of making a business card for the company.  Kay, my IPS trainer and Danielle the Finance Director who has trained me here at Laptronics also went through Safeguarding with me when I first started, and as one of two girls in the office, it has helped me understand some key values and how to act in the workplace.”

“Laptronics is a great environment to work in and last Christmas, I even arranged the Secret Santa for everyone in the office and gathered the employers all together and we did a mystery room activity to utilise my organisational skills – It was a great opportunity to get to know everyone! I enjoy it here and I’ve enjoyed meeting and working with new people.”

As well as the new skills Megan, has picked up within her apprenticeship, Megan has also passed her L1 ICT Functional skills and already had the correct grades from her GCSE’s for Maths and English to transfer over to her apprenticeship. However, Megan was offered the opportunity to progress to Level 2 Maths Functional skills which although weren’t needed, Megan decided to take this opportunity and up skill. Megan’s apprenticeship has now been achieved this August, and with completion, Megan has been offered and has taken employment at Laptronics on a full salary.

“For now, my career goals are to progress and learn more, gain more experience at Laptronics as I’m enjoying my time here. In the future, I would like to move into more graphic design work and would definitely think about another apprenticeship to up my skillset.”

“Apprenticeships are an excellent way to progress; it’s flexible learning while earning. I would highly recommend apprenticeships to anyone. They benefit you more; as you study, gain new skills but have a job and are earning straight away and hopefully, by the end, you will have a career come out of it. It’s a perfect idea to gain experience in the workplace too.”

Danielle Josh, the Finance Director at Laptronics who trained Megan also gave us her take on apprenticeships and how they have benefited their business.

“Megan was our sixth apprentice here at Laptronics, and we have had apprentices in all different departments. We currently have two apprentices in IT, and one that has already successfully achieved. We have one in Warehousing with and a further achiever within this department and we are considering getting more. We can highly recommend apprenticeships. We love the idea of a blank canvas coming to work for us and learning the job but also learning the role how we want them to learn too.”

IPS would like to congratulate to Megan; after completing her Level 2 Apprenticeship, Megan has been offered her job with Laptronics and is now on a full-time salary.  We wish her every success in her career and good luck with your Maths Exam!

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