Name: Miguel Santana
Company: FCC Environment
Miguel Santana - Operations Manager FCC Enivronment

Miguel Santana is the Operations Manager responsible for the site operations at FCC Environment. FCC is one of the UK’s leading waste and resource management facilities, transforming waste into valuable resources like electricity, whenever possible. IPS and FCC have been in partnership to deliver apprenticeships for numerous years, with up to three reoccurring Performing Manufacturing Operations apprenticeships within the workplace. Miguel talks to IPS about the benefits of apprenticeships within the company.

“We have worked with IPS for three years and only have positive feedback, I would recommend IPS as a training provider. IPS are flexible in giving us the skills package that we need and are very quick to address any issues we have. We tell them what skills we need, and they mould the apprenticeship training to our needs.  The highly skilled team also inform us of other relevant apprenticeships that may work for us as a company.

We decided to start the apprenticeship scheme to develop our long-term sustainability.  We invest in our workforce and have developed a process where we train apprentices to our needs and ways of working.  It’s all going well, and we have promoted apprentices into full-time positions once they have completed their apprenticeship. The program has improved staff morale and it’s been good bringing new people into the workplace who ask questions and see things with a fresh pair of eyes, this helps our experienced employees improve work procedures too, as both learn to work in a progressive way.

The value of an apprentice is not seen straight away, but you need to remember you are investing in your company’s future and our apprentices are our company’s future. With Apprenticeships, you get to train people the way you want to and start them at the right level, so they can perform in their role from the offset, whilst learning onsite. The apprentices have the opportunity to work with all departments, which adds good value, as they can develop good relationships within the business.  When the apprentice has completed their apprenticeship, they are already settled in the job role and have a wider knowledge of the organisation. We employ all our apprentices when they end the programme, a good example of progression would be recent, one of our completed apprentices who is part of the operations team and is doing well, just received double his salary when he was promoted.


Apprenticeships are the future of the company. We need to invest time in them as they are 100% worth the investment in ensuring the sustainability of our workforce.   

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