Name: Monique Ming
Qualification: Level 2 & 3 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship
Monique-Ming - Health-and-Social-Care-Apprentice head shot

Monique has successfully completed a Level 2 & 3 Health and Social Care Apprenticeships, with the encouragement of her IPS Trainer, Lorraine. 36-year-old Monique joined Blyth House Nursing Home as a Supper Cook and held no qualifications, but progressed to a Care Assistant role. IPS caught up with Monique, to find out about her Apprenticeship experiences.

“I worked at McDonald’s from school and then had my first child at aged 21 and became a stay at home mum, but when my children went to school, I decided to get a job locally and originally started here at Blyth House Nursing Home as a Supper Cook. The opportunity came up to move into a Domiciliary Care role. Initially I was given basic training to progress into this role, I also learned a little bit about medication and health & safety, but when the company offered an opportunity for employees to join the Apprenticeship scheme and to do our Level 2, I was pleased to skill set. After completing my L2 Apprenticeship two years ago, I have progressed further by recently also successfully completing my Level 3 qualification.  My IPS Trainer, Lorraine, gave me great encouragement and guidance to achieve this. Since finishing my Apprenticeships, I have become more hand on, learned new skills and have progressed further and become a Care Assistant.

My Apprenticeship journey was challenging at times, but having a very supportive Trainer helped massively. My IPS Trainer was patient, understanding and caring. We would plan her visits in with my manager, a month in advance, which was flexible in case I had to reschedule around my workload.

I have now been with Blyth House Nursing Care for five years and the company have been working with IPS for numerous years prior to this and has built up a good relationship with the Nursing Home. The relationship between Manager and IPS Training support has given me a good life work balance for my training needs.

The Apprenticeship training covered a range of aspects and broadened my knowledge in the sector. I had basic knowledge and experience in dietary requirements, but with my Apprenticeship training this has increased. I learnt about implications of a poor diet and the effects on the body and the signs to look out for. I learnt to identify signs for Dementia in greater detail. I understand how to approach people with Dementia and it has helped me connect with the residents more by checking my pronunciation and body language when I approach them and making them feel at ease as well as many other attributes.

The Apprenticeship wasn’t solely based around nursing itself; I also enjoyed learning about the legal side, legislation and policies in care. I also learned about the Safeguarding of children and vulnerable adults. Trainer visits were structured and I also was guided and helped with revision and practice papers, this supported me in passing my Maths and English Functional skills qualifications as well as my Apprenticeship.

I am interested in further training courses, perhaps some Health and Social Care short courses. I enjoy working at Blyth House Nursing Home and the company has offered everyone who has finished a level 3 to do then enrol onto level 3 Nursing to hopefully become an Assistant nurse and work alongside qualified nurses. My goal is to progress further and study Nursing at university.

I believe my future career goal now would be to become a Nurse. I didn’t realise until I got to my Level 3 qualification of all the avenues this qualification could generate for me. Lorraine gave me lots of guidance and information and the different paths I could go onto from this, roles in Social Working, Nursing, helping the community and offering support to teenagers, youths and the elderly.

Before having my children, I always looked after children in my family at a young age, so this path has worked out well for me and when I was a Supper Cook I loved bonding with the residents and connecting with them and it went from there.  My Apprenticeship has given me that extra chance to find a career path and one I love.

I think Apprenticeships are an opportunity for anyone, any age. Personally, for me, my Apprenticeship has helped me at the age of 36 get back on the career ladder and gain qualifications while earning a wage and getting back into the workplace after such a long break.  It’s been a second chance for me and I have found a career I’m happy in and that’s what I have enjoyed most. So many opportunities come from it and the support I have received has been brilliant.

It just shows anything is possible and there is no age limit in starting again, a new lease of life and creating a new career path for yourself. There is nothing wrong with having multiple career paths.”

Congratulations to Monique on your new career path and we wish you all the best with Nursing!

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