Name: Nathan Gardner
Qualification: Advanced Apprenticeship in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair
Nathan Gardner - Motor Vehicle Apprentice

Nathan has successfully achieved his Level 3 VCQ and VRQ in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair after progressing on from his previous apprenticeship at Level 2 and is now a fully qualified Vehicle Technician.

Courtesy of Nathans hard work throughout his time on his apprenticeship; Nathan has now accepted a job with a main dealership at Volkswagen.

Nathan’s story;

“I went to college for a bit studying business administration but I realised early on that I didn’t enjoy it and wanted something more hands on. I first thought of apprenticeships when a family member suggested it to me.”

Nathan started looking at electrical apprenticeships but also explored other avenues and when a mechanic family member suggested motor vehicles he jumped at the chance.

“I had a few interviews with the National Grid but when a family member recommended motor vehicles, I knew that was for me. I have also had a keen interest in cars. The Assessor/ Trainer from IPS came and interviewed me in a straightforward and easy process. “

Nathan believes the smooth process of the apprenticeship makes it easier to enjoy.

“My trainer Graham, provided support and guidance along the way, and I’ve learned a lot. I have enjoyed getting to know cars inside and out. I also like the way I can now help my friends and family with their cars. Level 2 was basic fitting and refitting, there was a lot to learn, but I felt like I wanted to know more and gain more knowledge so I progressed further with level 3. Level 3 was more exciting for me as it was based on diagnostics and I enjoyed learning about how to diagnose problems.”

“I would recommend apprenticeships to anyone. I preferred the more hands-on approach of an apprenticeship and felt it’s more beneficial to your future. You have a career afterwards, but with college, you must start looking for a job after completing your course.

Apprenticeships also have “earn while learn” which is also a great bonus.”

“I have had two interviews, one at Beadles Toyota and one with Volkswagen since my apprenticeship has ended and I was offered both. I’m excited to see what I can learn next and put the skills I have learned in my apprenticeships to use to further and progress my skills set.”

Congratulations to Nathan; after completing his level 3 Apprenticeship, Nathan has accepted his new job with Volkswagen and we wish him every success as a fully qualified vehicle technician.

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