Name: Nicole Fitzpatrick
Qualification: Level 2 Business Administration
Nicole Fitzpatrick - Business Administration Apprentice

Nicole is a few months away from completing her Level 2 Business Administration apprenticeship with IPS and her employer, Windows for Construction. IPS spoke to Nicole about her apprenticeship experience and how she feels it has benefited her.

Nicole’s story;

“My school promoted University to me, so this was my original plan. I went to sixth form, but I didn’t find this very enjoyable so left after a year and went to college to study Business. It was at college, attending a careers day that I realised the benefits of an apprenticeship, qualifying without the debt of University. After finishing college and looking at full-time job vacancies they all mentioned they wanted experience, so I decided that I wanted to do a Business Administration Apprenticeship. My friend Lewis, who was already at Windows for Construction doing his own apprenticeship, informed me of this apprenticeship vacancy in the sector I wanted, so I went for it and was offered the position.

Now, I honestly wish I did my apprenticeship straight from school. I feel it’s a better option to University. Why? Because you get the qualification but you also generate a year of experience in a working environment. I’m enjoying working and getting that experience of how to act professional and how to apply yourself, something you can’t learn in college. College was mainly book-study, but within my apprenticeship, I can see it/do it for myself rather than theory based which I feel benefits you far greater. I have even improved a procedure at work. When I started, I created a training guide to help me which is now used for every new colleague to help their transition within the company and has become useful. My colleagues do not treat me any differently to any other employee, and they respect I’m learning and are very supportive in helping me learn, they give me to time to work on my apprenticeship although a lot I can evidence through my workload. It’s not just generating a qualification for me but developing my life skills, how to work with people and it’s been great here at WFC as there are additional apprentices so we can help each other and relate but we also have our other colleagues who have the work experience who can teach us and give us support. In addition, I get great support from my IPS trainer Jo, who is always on hand to answer my questions and is still at the other end of the telephone or email when I need her, as well as the support she has given me through my apprenticeship she has also spoken to me in detail about what I want to do next, what options I have and what further education and qualification I can do and has let me know she is always there to speak to for advice even after I have completed, which is helpful.

I’ve been offered a full-time position in my administration role at WFC which is brilliant news I enjoy working here and with the people. I have done different roles within the departments through my apprenticeship, but I have decided this is the role I want to stay in. I had already progressed through my department when a manager left, and I was given more responsibility, and I’m even mentoring the new apprentices, providing answers and help. I’m enjoying my work and want to see where this goes, but I am interested in considering a Level 3 Business Administration apprenticeship in the future to increase my skill-set.

Apprenticeships are the best way to get into a workplace and work your way up; they give you experience, and a qualification whereas some people your age will only have the qualification.”

IPS would like to congratulate Nicole, and we wish her every success in her career, and we hope to see her back at IPS for the Level 3 apprenticeship in the future!


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