Name: Olivia Allen
Qualification: Level 2 Recruitment Resourcer Apprenticeship Standard


Olivia Allen Qube Recruitment Apprenticeship


Olivia Allen is now four months into her Standard Level 2 Recruitment Resourcer Apprenticeship with IPS and her employer Qube Recruitment, in Rochester. Olivia spoke to IPS about her Apprenticeship journey so far and why she is glad she took the Apprenticeship path…

 Olivia’s story;

“I was studying in sixth form for 2 years whilst working a part-time job in the chip shop, with the original idea of going onto University, it sounds silly but I was put off by the fact I had recently passed my driving test and learned I couldn’t take my car to Uni for the 1st year and I didn’t get the best A-Level results either, so I then decided I wanted to get into full-time employment and start my career. If I’m honest, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, and I didn’t know if I wanted to go down the Apprenticeship route, but it was the easiest way to get myself into full-time work and gain skills and experience. I started looking for job roles and came across the IPS Vacancy for Qube for an Apprentice Recruitment Resourcer on the GOV website. I hadn’t necessarily thought about recruitment before, but I like helping people, so I applied, went to the interview, I knew straight away I wanted to work here as it has a good environment with a family ethos which I love, and I now believe it is the best decision I made.

My role here has variety, never the same tasks each day, which is something I enjoy. I get to go out and meet new clients with my Mentor, Chris, delivering marketing once or twice a week and getting our brand name out there to gain new clients, attending meetings is a good experience for me to learn about the business and it’s given me confidence when meeting new people. I have a vast support network in terms of our Business manager, Gary and my senior, Chris who is a mentor to me, helping me train and they are both helpful at giving me time out to do my Apprenticeship work. My Apprenticeship is relatable to my role, with my units relevant to the work I’m doing, which is beneficial and convenient for me to fit Apprenticeship work around my workload and use as evidence. As well as a good employer network, I have a great IPS Trainer Ellie; she is brilliant, quick to respond if I ever have a question or issue and provides excellent resources and feedback on my assignments to help me get the best out of them. It also helps that she is flexible around my work schedule, only recently rescheduling a visit at short notice as I had a meeting to attend. I have the best balance of training and support. I need to do my Functional Skill maths exam soon and Ellie has been providing me with old exam papers to revise for this. As I’m doing an Apprenticeship Standard, I will need to do End Point Assessment and I know Ellie will be there to support me in preparing for this.

In four months, I have already developed so much, I have picked up new skills and behaviours as well as training from the qualification. My telephone manner has improved a great deal, it was non-existent when I first started as I was nervous to talk on the phone, but my Apprenticeship has made me confident enough to talk to anyone, including clients. My organisational skills have also significantly improved; I have a folder under my desk to organise my Apprenticeship work and assignments and digital folders on my computer for my work. I also diarise and prioritise my workload, who I need to call at a specific time etc, so I am working efficiently.

I’m glad I started my career in recruitment and it is something I now want to have a full career within. I’m hoping after I complete my Apprenticeship I can gain a full-time role at Qube Recruitment as I enjoy working here and I have a great relationship with everyone. I want to take on the role of a Recruitment Consultant when I complete my Apprenticeship in October next year, which is what my employer is training me for and in time progressing to a Senior Recruitment Consultant. I like the fact I can help people get jobs and it’s a gratifying feeling.

I would recommend Apprenticeship’s to others; it’s a great way to get a “foot in the door” to start your career, gain new skills and a recognised qualification to help you in life. I’m so glad I took this path to gain a qualification and work experience in a job rather than going to University and I would consider further education in the future.

IPS wish Olivia well in her Apprenticeship and the best of luck for End Point Assessment. 


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