Name: Paige Wright
Qualification: Level 2  Health and Social Care Apprenticeship
Paige Wright Barton Court Care Home HSC Apprenticeship


Paige has recently completed her Level 2 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship with IPS and employer Barton Court Care Home, after having no qualifications in care Paige is looking to progress to a Level 3 Apprenticeship for her personal development and to achieve her career goal. Find out more…

“I’ve always had an interest in care and helping people, I believe this comes from when I lived abroad when I was young and watching my mum help our elderly neighbours, which made me see the impact on someone’s life, getting that day to day help which made me want to help when I was older. The minute I left school I knew this was desired my career path, as I wanted to make an impact on people’s lives and so three years ago when I moved back to the UK, I applied for my first care role with Barton Court. When I started the role I was intrigued to gain more of an insight into the job role, due to having no previous care qualifications I was pleased when Barton Court offered me the chance to complete the Level 2 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship delivered by IPS, with whom they have a great training relationship with. I couldn’t wait to start so I could provide a better quality of care. I wasn’t actually aware that there was an NVQ in care that I could obtain until my manager approached me.

The learning aspect of my Apprenticeship was brilliant, there were challenging subjects which were sometimes difficult, but with the support and help from my IPS Trainer as well as my Management Team, it was beneficial and an easier process to learn. Being a carer you carry out everything you learn on a day to day basis, so I found it so helpful that when I was doing tasks and had a question, I could rely on the guidance and help from my IPS Trainer as well as the experienced colleagues and my management here at Barton Court. The programme was flexible, whenever we had a course review meeting my Trainer worked around my availability and was always flexible which was very helpful me.

I have now achieved my qualification and I definitely feel more competent in my job role and I feel confident to be able to go into work and have the knowledge in regards to the different subjects areas which I have learned in the Apprenticeship, for example, I have further knowledge in safeguarding, knowing different signs and in communication barriers, which we have a lot of in the workplace due to a lot of residents with dementia. Plus, infection control, knowing the extra measures to put in place to prevent infection, something that is so useful during this difficult time in the UK around Coronavirus. Our Care Home has taken precautions in not allowing visitors at this time, so it’s difficult for residents as they can’t see their family and friends. For staff to be there for them, doing activities, interacting and giving them the best quality of care makes us as keyworkers very proud of what we do. In addition to my Apprenticeship, I have also completed an in-house course – administrating medicine course alongside my training. My IPS Trainer was always there to offer advice and guidance on this even though it wasn’t part of their delivery and if I had any questions and the managerial team was busy, then my IPS Trainer offered to advise me on what to do in different situations. The medicine course has helped my personal development and given me more responsibility in my job role.

In the future I would like to further progress onto a Level 3 Apprenticeship with IPS. I would recommend IPS as a Training Provider, as I have always received guidance and support. My career goal is to become a Team Leader, being able to take on more responsibility on and develop into a managerial role, even though I haven’t completed my Level 3 Apprenticeship yet, my IPS Trainer has given me advice and guidance on how to reach my goal and how I can achieve this.

I believe Apprenticeships are a big advantage and extremely beneficial to do, not just for gaining knowledge in the workplace but for building confidence skills and gaining life experience in the sector you want to work in. My Apprenticeship has given me courage and competence in my role, as well as gaining more knowledge, it’s made me a better person and I’m putting into practice things I have learned during my training.



We wish Paige all the best in her career and a thank you to all Keyworker during this time!

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