Name: Scott Hunt
Qualification: Level 3 Health and Social Care Diploma



Scott has worked in the care industry for around 22 years in many roles and completed his Level 3 with IPS, utilising the student loan facility to support his training, to progress into a new job role, find out more…

My name is Scott Hunt , I’ve been working within the care industry for around 22 years in many different areas, from youth work to the Princess Trust as a Team leader. Within these roles, I have done various training courses , these include team leading and risk assessment management, equality and diversity and team management within the Princess Trust. I started working at Flarepath as a support worker and found that I needed to update my training , I needed to undertake training that was more tailored to working within residential care. Flarepath have used IPS Apprenticeships for a number of years and I was told about the training courses from the staff that had already completed training and decided that it would be a good way forward for me. Initially, I was going to do the Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social Care, but after speaking with IPS about what skills I needed it was decided that a Level 3 would be a better choice as I was working towards becoming a Team Leader and now that I have now completed my course I have been promoted to Team Leader.

Due to the Covid outbreak, my learning started off slowly but my IPS trainer, Louisa O’Connor, was amazing and made sure I could start by fitting the training around the current climate by doing voice recordings over the phone and by offering advice and support over the phone, via email and text messaging whilst the face to face meetings were not taking place. When it was possible for Louisa to visit the Care Home, she was very accommodating in following our health & safety policies and procedures put in place due to Covid and being Covid Secure. Throughout my entire course, the training was flexible around my work and personal life. I found this style of training very beneficial as I could speak to staff who had already completed the training and had experience within the care home as well as my IPS Trainer to offer me guidance. It allowed me to understand better how the training I was undertaking fitted within my work.

As I have done similar work and training in the past, the Level 3 Diploma allowed me to recognise how my knowledge from previous jobs could be transferred into my current job role. The training has helped me learn to adapt to constantly changing situations and environments, not only because of Covid, but due to the changing needs of our service users and the Care Home in general.

I feel that where I am now as a team leader, my training has benefited me in helping support the new assistant team leaders to use reflective practice and think how doing this can help them learn and progress within their own roles. I have been able to communicate the needs of staff and our service users through to management which has in turn improved the level of person-centred care I can offer on my shifts.

The Level 3 has given me more confidence and understanding within my job role. I would recommend this to others, especially with the IPS training support that I received, which I feel, was above and beyond. Louisa helped put me at ease with my training, especially when doing voice recordings as this was something that made me very anxious. I was given amazing guidance and support, she helped me feel comfortable and confident with my training and how this enabled me to improve the way I apply this to the way I work.

I reached my goal to become a Team Leader, my targets for the future include using my knowledge and skills to improve our workplace for our staff and service users. I feel that I can continue to learn and grow within my role using the skills that I have learned in my Level 3 Diploma and support others to learn and grow.

Overall the training and assessment experience was very good, I would encourage others to do it, by far the best delivered training I have done. The process was easy to apply for and by doing the level 3 with a student loan allowed for more flexibility. I cannot thank my IPS Trainer enough!


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