Name: Tarun Johal

Intra Art


Digital Media/IT Traineeship


Tarun has recently completed his 6-week Traineeship Placement at IPS and with employer, Intra Art. Tarun talks to IPS about his experience and why a Traineeship was the best option to gain work experience, plus work ready skills to progress within his career.

“I had been unemployed for a year and two months after finishing sixth form due to the Pandemic shutting us down early in March 2020 and the pandemic made it even harder to find work. I had applied for Apprenticeships before, but either got no reply or got rejected each time despite my A-Level qualifications, and due to my lack of work experience was finding it difficult. I really wanted to gain some work experience, so when I heard about the IPS Traineeships, I thought it was a good way to gain vital work experience to put on my CV, as well as learning about how to excel and gaining work ready skills to have the best chance of being the best candidate when I go through interview processes.

The classroom aspect of the Traineeship has been very useful, and the course went well. I have learned how to apply myself in all aspects of applying for a job, from learning how to write the perfect CV, cover letter and application form, to learning about how to write and read your elevator pitch, how to answer questions and how to present yourself during an interview. We also learned about British Values and how it is important to know them in the workplace, which is really insightful to know how we should act in a professional setting. As well as this I feel like I have learned more about myself and it has given me the confidence I needed in my own skills and how to sell myself within an interview. It’s been really interesting and beneficial to have classroom-based learning as well as the work placement itself, so we can put what we learned in the classroom into practice and I’ve enjoyed this and found it really useful.

The Traineeship has really allowed me to expand my knowledge of the job process and it also led to me being able to volunteer and spend more time at my work placement, which is a bonus as I can learn more about digital media and IT with them. I would therefore definitely recommend it to anyone that is stuck or unsure about what they want to do.

From taking part in the Traineeship, I definitely can see myself achieving my goals of becoming a computer games programmer/software engineer, this has generated valuable experience/skills from my work placement that I can add to my CV and I hope to apply for an Apprenticeship in software programming, and I feel this has given me the head start in progressing towards this. The Trainer support and guidance I have been given has been excellent by IPS, everyone has been really nice and supportive and after completing my Traineeship, I will be supported in looking into Apprenticeship opportunities.

I believe Traineeships are essential in helping learners know what they want to pursue as a career in life, but also giving you the confidence and experience to do so.”



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