Name: Tommy Ripley
Qualification: NVQ 2 Health and Social Care Apprenticeship
Tommy Ripley Health and Social Care Apprentice

Tommy has successfully achieved his Level 2 Intermediate Apprenticeship in Health and Social Care, with Avante Care and Support, Amherst Court, Chatham. Tommy now works as a full-time Care Worker, after enhancing his skills from his previous role as a Domestic and a Relief Care Worker. IPS caught up with Tommy to find out more about his progression.

“I started at Amherst Court 5 years ago, I didn’t go College or any further education after school, so I just had my GCSE qualifications behind me. I started work as a Domestic which entails cleaning resident’s rooms. After forming bonds with the residents and after recommendations to move into a care role, I decided I wanted to progress and was offered a relief care worker role, filling in care shifts when required. My employer suggested I complete an apprenticeship in Health and Social Care to broaden my knowledge, which I was happy to do.  Once I completed my apprenticeship course with IPS; I passed my interview for a full-time care worker role with flying colours and have worked in this role for two years now, enjoying every aspect of my job.

My apprenticeship was hard and there were points at which I didn’t think I would achieve. With the help of my assessor Lorraine at IPS, who offered a lot of support and guidance during the qualification, I did qualify and passed my maths and English functional skills exams, getting a better result than I did in my GCSES, which was something I am very proud of. As well as my qualification, Lorraine also gave me more guidance in the importance of safeguarding, which is extremely important especially in my line of work. We have in house training at Amherst Court which is brilliant, but it was worthwhile broadening my knowledge with IPS, as this has given me additional skills, knowledge and a whole new perspective in my day to day life.

I couldn’t give more praise to Lorraine my assessor.

The Apprenticeship delivery itself was flexible, I had a year to do the work, which was fitted around my work load. Lorraine and I would schedule her visits around my shifts which worked well.”

After completing his apprenticeship and at the request of his employer, Tommy enhanced his skill set further with a short course qualification, a Level 2 certificate in ‘Understanding the Safe Handling of Medicines. Tommy looks forward to further education to broaden his expertise in the care industry.

“I have also qualified in a short course with IPS and I would like to continue gaining further skills training. I know my assessor Lorraine recommended I progress to a Level 3 apprenticeship, however as I was completing the short course I couldn’t take on both qualifications at the same time. I completed my short course last month and I know the opportunity for further study is available and with my employer’s permission I would be keen to complete more qualifications to broaden my skills and knowledge.”

Tommy enjoys his role and believes his apprenticeship has helped him in all aspects of his job.

“I love my job and the residents here, I believe my apprenticeship has given me a better understanding of the care legislation laws behind my role. I believe that when I put a smile on a resident’s face, or they comment on the excellent job I’m doing, that shows me and others how my apprenticeship has improved my performance within my workplace, this is proven in the fact I was Employee of the Month in October.

Regarding my future progression and goals, I would like to continue working at Amherst Court; I would like to progress into a Team Leader role in the future and would also like to achieve the relevant qualifications beforehand.

I would highly recommend apprenticeships; they broaden your knowledge within your role or career and give you a greater understanding of the job you want to do. Whatever age you are, don’t doubt yourself, it’s the best way to enhance your skills and ultimately progress on the career ladder.

Apprenticeships give you a career that you can take further. I would have never thought of apprenticeships at my age, yet it has changed my career prospects so much. I would recommend going for it, just like I did.”

Congratulations to Tommy for completing his apprenticeship and his further progression within his role. IPS wish you all the best for your future endeavours!

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