Name: Wayne Moorey
Qualification: Level 2 and 3 Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Apprenticeships
Wayne Moorey - Motor Vehicle Apprentice

Wayne (Left) has successfully achieved his Level 3 in Heavy Vehicle Maintenance and Repair at R Swain and Sons Limited after progressing on from his previous Level 2 Apprenticeship after a challenging start to his journey.


Wayne’s story:
“I’ve always had an interest in heavy vehicles since a young age, as my dad and grandad were both Truck Drivers. However, what elevated my interest further was when I did work experience at R Swain and Sons Ltd in Year 10 during school. After completion, they offered me a month’s trial and following good feedback reviews from the Fitters I had been working with, I was then given the opportunity to join their Apprenticeship scheme. I started in September 2014 and I am still here today.

Throughout my Apprenticeships I have enjoyed the hands-on aspect of my learning as I have discovered I work better in this way, what is great is the fact you are being taught by experienced people who are sharing their knowledge and experience with you. The Apprenticeship process of study/working environment is beneficial, its convenient, it worked well around my work schedule and you get to experience a work environment while also knowing you have a Trainer on hand to advise and support you. For example, I knew my Trainer was always a phone call or email away if I had a question or was stuck on anything and we could work on it together at the IPS Motor Vehicles Workshop, I could also catch up on my paperwork at the same time. Initially I had difficulty adjusting to a work environment after leaving school and I had to learn quickly that I needed to become more professional in my attitude to work. Due to my difficulties adapting, I was given three months to turn myself around or leave my employment, with the help and support of Graham my IPS Trainer, (Right in picture). I completed my level 2 course, I even progressed and completed a Level 3 Apprenticeship. The Level 2 included basic knowledge of motor vehicle engines and fault finding, whereas the Level 3 was all about technicality, finding the fault and resolving it. After successfully accomplishing my Level 3 this led to a career progression at work, as I now have more in-depth knowledge and skills.

Not content with just completing Level 2 and L 3, Wayne also went on to complete his functional skills exams and felt he got a lot more out of both Apprenticeships than just qualifications.

“With my Apprenticeships, I had to pass functional skills in ICT and maths to meet the grades needed to complete the programme. I didn’t like maths at school and was worried, but Graham was supportive with my study programme, giving me revision practice papers to do, going through these and working together I was so pleased to pass, it felt like yet another achievement on top of gaining my qualifications. I also feel my Apprenticeships have helped me mature, I have gained life skills which I can take use in the future.

Having completed my Apprenticeships there are still so many progression routes I can take, I enjoyed up-skilling and would like to continue to do this. My company continuously develops staff through additional training courses and I can actively further develop my knowledge and skills in other areas of Heavy Vehicles maintenance.

Graham mentioned a Tyre Fitting Apprenticeship which sounds interesting. I want to continue in mechanical maintenance and progress in this field and I enjoy working for Swain. Looking at my future career pathway, I could see myself as a self-employed mobile mechanic/fitter.

I can 100% recommend Apprenticeships. They have helped me progress in life, improved my efficiency and have put me on a career ladder straight from school. I was one of the very few in my year which left school and went straight into a career. I have made friends through doing my Apprenticeship, gained a good job and with the support and mentoring of my Trainer I know I can contact him in the future and he would be there to give me advice and guidance.

I believe an Apprenticeship is an excellent way to start out in the big wide world, it’s a great learning curve for a school leaver trying to start their career path. With an Apprenticeship, you learn and earn, gaining a qualification and life skills that you can use in any sector of your working career. I honestly couldn’t recommend Apprenticeships enough. The experience gained in the job role, I don’t feel you can learn through studying in a classroom environment, having the course delivered by experienced Trainers and the support of colleagues sharing their knowledge you get to experience the pressure of an active workshop environment and most importantly it’s not a shock to your system which completing a university study programme could be.”

IPS would like to congratulate Wayne after completing his Level 2 and 3 Apprenticeships. We wish him every success in the future!

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