Employers frequently asked questions

How will IPS help me find the right Apprentice?

IPS will help you develop your Apprenticeship Vacancy, working with you to seek the individual by ensuring prospective candidates meet key requirements for the job role. We manage the recruitment process and oversee the initial assessment of applications, producing a shortlist of applicants for you to progress further with.

How much does the training cost?

The price of Apprenticeship training depends on the type of qualification you want your Apprentice to achieve, as well as their age bracket and any previous qualifications they may have achieved. Contact us to receive a more specific overview of price structures.

How long will the apprenticeship last?
IPS offers apprenticeships that can run from as few as 12 and as many as 36 months, depending on the area you are looking to recruit an apprentice in. Engineering apprenticeships typically last a full 36 months, with many business skills lasting a minimum of 12-13 months.
Can my existing staff do Apprenticeships?

IPS has a strong record of delivering Apprenticeships for a wide range of age-groups, not just 16-18 year olds. The age of your Apprentice will have an impact on any access you may have to government funding for their training so please contact us for further information in this regard.

How much should my company pay an Apprentice?

As of  April 2021, the National Apprentice wage stands at £4.30 per hour. Any figure at or above this figure is entirely up to the employer’s discretion though Apprentice retention and workplace satisfaction proves to be notably higher in companies that pay a higher wage, particularly if they are in need of running a vehicle or any other substantial living costs.