The IPS International Annual Engineering Apprenticeship awards took place on the 19th July 2018 at the Bridgewood Manor Hotel in Chatham. The venue was flawless and we had a great turn out of apprentices with their families, employers and IPS Staff in attendance to celebrate the learner’s hard work and achievements.

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The awards ceremony is designed to celebrate the success of the apprentices over the past two years. The event begun with a celebration of the apprentice’s achievements were their successful completion of the apprenticeship framework and their transition from Education into the working environment. The second part of the awards evening was focused around the success and achievement of the BTEC apprentices.

The awards were opened by IPS Directors Don MacDonald and Ramsay Cowan with recognition going to the IPS Engineering Trainers and the Employer’s themselves for their ongoing support of their apprentices. A significant moment of Don’s speech was when he mentioned arranging for his company phone repaired at with a company whose owner turned out to be a past IPS apprentice from several years ago, just puts the value and potential of apprenticeships into perspective and how they can be a starting point for a career pathway.

Don and Ramsay opening speech at the IPS Engineering Awards

IPS Director’s Don MacDonald and Ramsay Cowan opening speech of the night.


IPS International is extremely proud to have two learners represented at the National BTEC Awards 2018.

The IPS Engineering Awards started with a well-deserved congratulation to Max Brookwell and Daniel Gaul, both Southeastern Apprentices, on their impressive achievement.

They were awarded their certificates for Commended – BTEC Engineering Student of 2018 (Max Brookwell) and Commended – BTEC Adult Learner of 2018 (Daniel Gaul) by Ramsay. Great accomplishment!

With the awards, then underway, the learners were presented with shields, cups, and certificates and due to the fantastic sponsorship from businesses they were also awarded Amazon vouchers, as a further congratulation. IPS would like to thank the following companies for their generosity.

The awards on offer and their sponsors were:

• Ben Sibbald Award –  (National Grid)
• Progress and Effort – (DS Smith)
• Electrical Craft Cup – (SES Water)
• Mechanical Craft Cup – (National Grid)
• BAE Personal Development Week – (Cory Environment Energy)
• BAE Project Award – (BAE Systems)
• BAE Apprentice of the Year – (BAE Systems)
• IPS International Apprentice of the Year – (Southeastern)
• BTEC Most Improved – 1st Year – (Balfour Beatty Rail)
• BTEC Student of the Year – 1st Year (Top) – (National Grid)
• BTEC Student of the Year – 1st Year (Best) – (Hitachi Rail)
• BTEC Most Improved – 2nd Year – (Aesica)
• BTEC Student of the Year – 2nd Year (Top) -(Pfizer)
• BTEC Student of the Year – 2nd Year (Best) – (Southeastern)
• BTEC Engineering Project – Highly Commended – (MKE)
• BTEC Engineering Project – Winner – (MKE)

Huge congratulations to all the winners and nominees who have done brilliantly in their achievements.

Employer's appreciation at the IPS Engineering Awards 2018

As well as the apprentices, their employers were given well-deserved recognition for raising the positive image of apprenticeships.


The Ben Sibbald Award, given in memory of learner, Ben Sibbald, was presented to the student who has gone above and beyond to support their peers, this year this went to Daniel Hughes of Aesica. 2018 NVQ Workshop awards like the 2018 Progress and Effort Award that is a celebration to those who put extra effort into their training whilst performing consistently above expectations, this went to BAE Systems apprentice Ryan Bell, for his efforts on the BAE Project. The Electrical Craft cup goes to the apprentice that has attained a high level of competency in both the practical and the theoretical electrical aspect, Pavitter Chana of Balfour Beatty Rail and the Mechanical Craft Cup winner was Cameron Smith of Westwell Developments. (Cameron was unable to attend but his award was collected on his behalf by his manager at Westwell, Mark Bennett.)

The BAE Systems Awards included the 2018 Personal Development Week Award, relating to the development week where apprentices visited the BOWLES adventure park for an outward bounds activity. This was awarded to Thomas McMeekin of BAE Systems who showed the most consistency for behaviour, attitude, approach to learning and supportiveness to others throughout the programme. The BAE 2018 Project Award is a culmination of all knowledge learned throughout the academic year, and the apprentices are challenged to create a project with a specific criterion, which they then must present in a Dragon’s-Den style setting. This was given to the team of Ashley Dickeson and Thomas Wright.

Lastly was the BAE 2018 Apprentice of the Year, deciding upon who should win the award was a difficult task this year, but the award went to the apprentice that has shown a lot of motivation, attention to detail and sharp focus throughout the year, so congratulations go to Chloe Barnes.

BAE Systems Winners at IPS Engineering Awards

Gary Dawson of BAE Systems with the winning BAE Systems Apprentices.


The IPS International Apprentice of the year for 2018 went to Ross Howells of Southeastern, who has achieved the most in the training areas of the apprenticeship, embodying excellent and thoughtful behaviour.

Ross Howells also picked up the award for the 2018 BTEC 1st Year Top student. In this category, there were two awards due to the number of nominations, which were the Top student and Best Student. Top student is awarded for exemplary grades and high quality of work. The Best student is assigned for achieving academically but also proving themselves to be of the highest standard in personality, attitude, and demeanour. This went to BAE Systems apprentice, Billie Sequeria.  The 2nd Year BTEC winners of this category were Matthew Birch of Givaudan who won Top student and Harry Mason of Southeastern who won Best Student. The apprentices who won the BTEC 1st year and 2nd Year most improved awards, showing the most improvement and progression of both their work and attitude to learning was 1st Year winner Jamie Butcher of Environment Agency Thames Barrier and 2nd-year winner Joseph Fellows of Mid Kent Electrical. Also on the night, the BTEC certificates were handed out by Breeshea, an IPS Engineering Lecturer who has worked and provided support to all the apprentices.

Appreciation to the IPS Engineering Trainers at IPS Awards 2018

Breeshea, along with the other IPS Engineering Lectures/ Trainers showing their ongoing support to the apprentices.

The final award of the night was the 2018 BTEC Engineering Project that was awarded to the learners who completed most outstanding final projects for their BTEC qualification. Tom Campbell of Coca-Cola Enterprises was highly commended, and the winner was Max Brookwell of Southeastern.

It was a great event and it was lovely to hear back from the employers of the positive feedback from the night. Andy Harrington of Britannia Refined Metals, who’s apprentice picked up his distinction-merit BTEC Certificate on the night said; “I would like to say how well I thought the evening went, I have attended three of these now and last weeks was by far the best run one I have been too.”

A full list of all award winners and their employers:

  • Pearson National BTEC Award 2018 Commendations:Max Brookwell and Daniel Gaul both of Southeastern
  • Ben Sibbald Award – Sponsor: National Grid – Daniel Hughes of Aesica
  • Progress and Effort – Sponsor: DS Smith – Ryan Bell of BAE Systems
  • Electrical Craft Cup – Sponsor: SES Water – Pavitter Chana of Balfour Beatty Rail
  • Mechanical Craft Cup – Sponsor: National Grid – Cameron Smith of Westwell Developments
  • BAE Personal Development Week – Sponsor: Cory Environment Energy – Thomas McMeekin of BAE systems
  • BAE Project Award – Sponsor: BAE Systems – Ashley Dickeson and Thomas Wright of BAE Systems
  • BAE Apprentice of the Year – Sponsor: BAE Systems – Chloe Barnes of BAE Systems
  • IPS International Apprentice of the Year – Sponsor: Southeastern – Ross Howells of Southeastern
  • BTEC Most Improved -1st Year – Sponsor: Balfour Beatty Rail – Jamie Butcher of Environment Agency Thames Barrier
  • BTEC Student of the Year – 1st Year (Top) – Sponsor: National Grid – Ross Howells of Southeastern
  • BTEC Student of the Year – 1st Year (Best) – Sponsor: Hitachi Rail – Billie Sequeria of BAE Systems
  • BTEC Most Improved – 2nd Year – Sponsor: Aesica – Joseph Fellows of Mid Kent Electrical
  • BTEC Student of the Year – 2nd Year (Top) – Sponsor: Pfizer – Matthew Birch of Givaudan
  • BTEC Student of the Year – 2nd Year (Best) – Sponsor: Southeastern – Harry Mason of Southeastern
  • BTEC Engineering Project – Highly Commended – Sponsor: MKE – Tom Campbell of Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • BTEC Engineering Project – Winner – Sponsor: MKE – Max Brookwell of Southeastern

IPS would like to say thank you for coming and joining the celebrations, and we hope to see you again next year!

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