UPDATE: 2nd March 2018
Due to forecasting weather conditions Northbank House will be closed tomorrow. Stay safe over the weekend

IPS International, Northbank House is planning to be open tomorrow (28th February) and the rest of the week but always staff, trainees and apprentices should assess their travel to work risks from where they live and form their own judgement whether it is safe to travel or not.

IPS International’s policy is that:

  • The training centres will NOT normally close, the presumption should be that the training centres will remain open,
  • All IPS staff should attempt to get to work if it is possible and safe to do so,
  • All apprentices/learners should attempt to get to work if it is possible and safe to do so,
  • It is accepted that staff and apprentices/learners may arrive late,
  • IPS staff and apprentices/learners who are unable to get to work must communicate that they will not be available to their line manager or telephone the office answer-phone.

Please click here to see our Snow and Exceptionally Severe Weather Conditions Procedure Policy.

This procedure is to deal with situations where there is a heavy fall of snow, or a weather event such as hurricane strength winds occurs, making travel to the IPS International training centres at Rochester or Dover dangerous or the weather creates a situation where return home will be dangerous or unlikely.

It is recognised that weather conditions will have a varying level of impact in different localities throughout the south east, where travel may be possible in some areas and impossible in others.

If you would like to talk to an IPS member of staff please do not hesitate to contact us.